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Archive for February, 2016


Do You Really Need to Eat Vegetables to Be Healthy?

Posted on February 29th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

The idea that vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet has been hammered into our collective consciousness by every authority out there. Parents, teachers, scientists, government health “experts”.. read more


Always Speak the Truth

Posted on February 28th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Telling the truth is a very good habit. If you always speak the truth, you can save yourselves from lots of trouble! Here is the story of a man, who.. read more


Eating garlic and exemption from congregational prayer in the mosque

Posted on February 27th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Question Does eating garlic exempt a person from having to pray in the mosque? I know some people who often miss congregational prayers. When we ask them to join us,.. read more


Causes and Effect on Obesity

Posted on February 26th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

  Obesity is medical condition resulting from excessive accumulation fat in the body. The condition leads to severe health complications and lowers quality of life. In particular, obesity causes chronic.. read more


Barley water, the best beverage

Posted on February 25th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

We are in the health-conscious era. So obsessed we are about our health and fitness that we don’t mind reading even disputed theories about health benefits for all we want.. read more


Switching off a mobile/cell phone during prayer in the Mosque {Islam}

Posted on February 24th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Question If my mobile/cell phone starts ringing while I am praying in congregation at the mosque, what should I do? Must I break off my prayer to switch it off?.. read more


Cucumbers: Health Benefits

Posted on February 23rd, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

The cucumber is a member of the botanical family Cucurbitaceae, along with honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon. Made up of 95% water, cucumbers are naturally low in calories, fat, cholesterol and.. read more


Save for Your Future

Posted on February 20th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Pay Yourself First Saving money is not easy, but it’s essential to achieving financial well-being and securing your future. One of the best and easiest ways to save money and.. read more


Travelling improves academic knowledge

Posted on February 19th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Travelling is part of human life and all of us move from one place to another for some reasons. All of us travel for business, for sight-seeing and for necessity… read more


Wearing verses of the Qur’ân {Islam}

Posted on February 18th, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Question Wearing amulets containing Quranic verses are allowed by some scholars but prohibited by others. Those who prohibit these things say that it is just like seeking refuge with other.. read more