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You are now faced with a long year-end school break. This is certainly the time for you to relax and unwind after almost 10 months in school.

However, you have not finished your schooling. Next year is a very important year for you because you would be sitting for an important national school examination.

What should you do during this school holidays is a question which many students ask. Should you start your preparation for next year’s public examinations now? Definitely these are very tricky questions to answer! In the first place, this time of the year is often a very difficult time to study. Your mind is focussed on having a holiday. Your friends are mostly enjoying themselves and some fortunate ones have gone or will be going abroad for a holiday. Basically, your mindset and the present environment are not very conducive for studies. If you have been a good or average student thus far, then I believe you have earned the right to take a good rest during this school holidays. However, if you had been a poor student, then this is best opportunity for you to start your preparation for the public examination which you are going to sit for next year! You need to catch up on the better students and you will never get a chance to do so when the new school year starts.

Only with a good education can you recognize and savour the real pleasures in life. Uneducated people never understand the real pleasures and seldom experience the highs that life can provide. In our part of the world, a good and sound education is paramount. Every employer looks at your educational background before employing you. You will find it very difficult to get into an executive position without an university qualification. In most organisations, you will be overlooked for promotion and substantive pay rise if you are not a graduate. Obviously, there are exceptions but these exceptions are far and few between and is only meant for the exemplary employee! In short, with a good education your life has meaning and generally, it is stepping stone for a good future.

Another very pertinent question which many students ask is what can they do to prepare mentally for the new school year without touching their books during this school holidays. Over the past 15 years in Malaysia, many average students have achieved excellence in their education by taking Memo Plus Gold. Clinical evidence demonstrates clearly that for a student to see optimal benefit in his/her studies, he/she should have taken Memo Plus Gold for at least three months. You are going back to school in January 2013 which is about 2 months away. If you start taking Memo Plus Gold right away, your mind will be sharper by the time you go back to school! During this school holidays, you should take Memo Plus Gold but you do not have to study. Memo Plus Gold will nourish your brain and slowly but surely, will improve your ability to remember better whatever is taught in school right from the beginning of the next school year. You definitely need to have a sharp mind because next year is a very important year in your school life!
Preparing for an external public examination is never easy. The fear or the worry that you may not do well in the forthcoming examination could result in difficulty in structuring your reading material properly, in prioritizing your reading material or in separating your study time from your leisure time. Another very common situation is where you may push too hard and study too much every day but regrettably, remember and retain little. This is where Memo Plus Gold will help you tremendously in two aspects. Firstly, it will help alleviate your stress and anxiety and secondly, it will improve substantially your concentration, retention and recall of learnt task.
In summary, our appeal to all PMR, SPM and STPM students sitting for their examination in 2013 are:-
a) consume two capsules of Memo Plus Gold every day during this current long school holidays!
b) however, you do not have to study during the current school break.but you should return on the first day of school with all cylinders firing!
Believe us and the many successful students in the past that consuming Memo Plus Gold every day is a very small investment which will yield substantive rewards in terms of your educational excellence!!!
Happy Holidays! Best Wishes and Good Luck!

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