Being Prepared

Posted on November 13, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal
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Being prepared means being ready for whatever comes your way and being alert so that you never get caught up in a bad situation where you will not know what to do or how to react. Being prepared also means having the things you need with you at the time you need it. Or being prepared could also mean just knowing what you are doing at the time you are needed to do it. 

Being prepared has many rewards that come with it. When you are prepared for what you need to be prepared for, you can participate in the activity instead of staying on the sidelines; while you watch everyone else participate. You can also avoid getting punished by being prepared, like not getting a three hundred word essay on being prepared. 

Being prepared also doesn?t only apply have to take place in a classroom; it could apply to real life, anytime, anywhere. For example if you get caught in a tornado, and you are not prepared, you could be in serious and fatal danger. Also, if you are always prepared, you could also save someone else?s life as well as your own. 

In conclusion, I think that being prepared is a very important quality in every person?s life, but I would not want to be a kind of person who thinks of everything in advance and worries about everything long before it is expected. Although as I said before, I think that being to prepared is not fun because if you are always prepared for everything that comes your way, which is impossible, there would be no fun because there would be no risks taken. freeessays.tvNatural memory enhancer