The Benefits of Galangal (Lengkuas)

Posted on August 27, 2014 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Galangal (Alpinia galanga or Lenguas galanga) is a type of plant tubers, often used as a flavoring dishes. Another benefit of this plant is as traditional ingredients and the healing of various diseases, especially skin diseases caused by fungi. However, beyond these two benefits, galangal it also has a role in extending the shelf life or preserve food spoilage due to microbial activity. In short, ginger may act as a substitute for the function of formaldehyde that is now being hotly discussed. Because the content of ginger contains essential oils include: galangol, galangin, alpinen, camphor, methyl-cinnamate. Galangal efficacious anti-fungal, anti bacterial, warm, clean the blood, increase appetite, make expenditures from the wind in the body, thin the phlegm, scent, stimulates muscles and reputedly efficacious aphrodisiac.

Benefits for the treatment of :

  • Various skin diseases such as scabies, sores, and ulcers

Rhizome galangal garlic plus 4 times rhizome finely ground and used as a slurry (paste). Glue the pasta in place of the sick. For chronic ringworm, add a little vinegar to the paste. In addition, the chopped fresh ginger to arise fiber and given a little vinegar can be used to rub the skin fungus on the skin.

  • Ear drops

Rhizome is pounded and squeezed aimya young. Water can be dropped into the ear as a medicine.

  • Drug pads, facilitating urine, and bile tonic

Galangal rhizome sliced ??and soaked in alcohol, then rubbed on the stomach.

  • Rheumatism

Boiled galangal rhizome. The water is still warm is used for bathing.

  • Other diseases

Galangal rhizome is used as cooking herbs are mixed in the daily also believed to strengthen the stomach and bowels, improve digestion, mucus in the respiratory tract, headache and chest pain, and increase appetite.

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