Hijab preserves the hair {Islam}

Posted on October 16, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Some beauticians began a rumor which coincided with the spread of the Islamic dress. They claimed that Hijab is one of the main reasons behind hair falling out and distortion of the woman’s beauty. This claim is scientifically refuted by two doctors.

Dr. Mayy As-Samaahi, professor of Cosmetic Medicine at Ain Shams University, confirmed that the Hijab does not have this negative effect on the hair. Scientific researches on some women, some of whom wear Hijab and others who do not, proved that Hijab has nothing to do with hair falling out or splitting.

On the contrary, Hijab preserves and protects the hair from environmental factors. However, it is preferred that the Hijab be made out of cotton because this is a healthy texture for the hair and the skin. Dr. Mayy As-Samaahi clarified that the hair falls for two reasons only.

The first reason is an unstable psychological state and the second one is the general state of health. The hair derives its nourishment from the body. Hence, one should eat a sufficient amount of fruit, vegetables and proteins. Moreover, one should be free of the causes of tension and worry. One should take care of her general health without exaggerating in using creams, oils and shampoos because they affect the hair. One should wash the hair only twice a week.

Dr. Muhammad Nada, a professor of Dermatology at Cairo University, ascertained that Hijab protects the hair. Wind and direct sun rays cause the hair to lose its smoothness and cause it to be pale and weak. It was also proved that exposing the hair to the air does not affect its nourishment because the apparent part of the hair on the head is lifeless horny cells whereas the hair derives its nourishment from the blood vessels inside the skin and its health is generally derived from the health of the body.

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