Does human life have meaning?

Posted on November 22, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

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The reason being is one, If life has no meaning, we have no purpose, and if we don’t have a purpose, we have no reason in existence therefore why do we all exist? Everything has reasons behind it, that is the only thing that which humankind cannot seem to understand nowadays. By this there has been more and more suicides just because they did not understand.

To make a point that will which I hope will open a persons’ eyes I will end with a parable. There was a beggar who was just on his casual spot, then comes a boy who cam from a rich family. The boy came to the beggar and greeted him, the beggar thought that the boy was very friendly, nice and kind. They became friends and they had begun a regular meeting at the beggar’s spot. The boy will always tell the beggar about his father’s art gallery and so on. Then one day the boy had suddenly stopped coming, then the beggar had soon found out that the boy had suddenly died. So the beggar picked up crayons and a piece of paper and drew a portrait of the boy and went to the boy’s house gave to the guard of the gate and asked, “Will you please give this to the owner of this house, because he had a son whom was very friendly to me. I just thought that I would draw this as a kind gesture.” Then the guard took the portrait and he actually thought that it was a nice gesture. Then one day the owner of the house which was the father of the boy, came driving by the gate, so the guard told the boy’s father about what did that beggar asked of him and sure enough the boy’s father took the portrait and hanged it on his art gallery.

Then one day the boy’s father died, and the will it said that there will be an auction for his art gallery. The beggar found out, so he got himself some nice suit and went to the auction. While he was there he searched for his drawings of the boy, sure enough he found it. Then the auctioneer pounds the gravel saying “We are to begin now.” As everyone took their seats the auctioneer read the will and it said “There is a condition in the will and that is, this portrait of the owner’s son must be auctioned first!” No one bids to it, until the beggar reached for his pocket and bids all that he had, no counter offer, gravel pounded sold. The beggar was about to walk out of there until the gravel pounds again and the auctioneer said, “There is another condition in the will who ever buys this portrait, will all get the whole gallery.”

You see the point is when you belief in God, you will receive all components and meanings of life! -ckNatural memory enhancer