Position of elbows when bowing & prostrating in prayer {Islam}

Posted on January 26, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

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In prayer, when we are bowing, do we have to keep our elbows straight, as I find this quite difficult to do? If we are allowed to bend our elbows, should we bend them inward or outward? Also, how should we keep our arms when prostrating in prayer?


If the worshipper is praying alone, or when sufficient space is available to him so that he will not cause a disturbance for others, then he should extend his elbows outward and away from his body when bowing and extend his arms likewise when prostrating.

On the other hand, if he prays in a narrow space with other worshippers, then he should not extend his arms, because in doing so he will be causing discomfort for his fellow worshippers who are praying alongside him.

We should keep in mind that extending our elbows away from our bodies in our bowing and extending our arms in our prostrations are merely Sunnah acts of prayer. These acts are not obligatory. Therefore, we should exercise flexibility in these matters and put them into practice only when we are able to do so easily.

And Allah knows best.


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