Sambal Fish Meal

Posted on November 17, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Sambal Fish

I was feeling bored of trying the regular fish curries for lunch and wanted to try something new to go with rice. I remembered eating a spicy fish curry by name Sambal fish bought by DH from a eatery and thought of trying the same at home. I googled for recipes and found that the recipe is of a Malaysian origin with the sambal paste as base.


The sambal paste is very versatile that it can be used with chicken,egg,tofu or paneer.I made my batch of sambal paste as I really loved the flavour. Though it has a bright red color which makes it look super spicy it is not.The addition of sugar and tamarind balances the spiciness leaving it with an attractive red color. The original recipe used lemon grass to grind along with the sambal paste and since I didn’t have the ingredient I skipped –shershamskitchen.comNatural memory enhancer