The Basis of Brain Training and the Methods of Brain Optimization

Posted on February 19, 2013 · Posted in Memory Improvement Guides

Our brain is the control center of everything. Every moment of your life is decided by the brain. It helps us to see and feel. Its function does not end here. The ability to pay attention and concentrate, the ability to find logic behind phenomenon is all various functions of the brain. Sometimes due to certain situations in life like trauma’s and crisis there is lack of synchronization. The lack of synchronization results in eating and sleeping disorders, irritability and anger and many other problems. Due to lack of synchronization in the various nerves and veins messages are not communicated properly by the brain. This is when one needs brain training. It is an important training as this helps people come back to their daily day to day activities.

It is not that all individual needs brain training. Some people who require brain training are –

  • Artists- those who are specialists in music, art, and writing and even scientists they require special openings so that they can lead their positive energy in the right direction. These brain training also help in making discoveries and helps in increasing their creativity.
  • In athletes brain training is provided so that they can focus and concentrate. It also helps in improving their reaction time accompanied with the clarity of thought.
  • Those children who have learning disabilities undergo brain training. These children normally have problems in understanding as well are in retention. These trainings help them open up new ways of learning and understanding.
  • Among teenagers who face constant stimuli they are often victims of ADD or ADHD. The training helps them to discipline their thinking and also help them to enjoy and have confidence in them which they lack.
  • Those driven by impulse and have habits which are hazardous to them can be able to judge and decide for themselves wisely with these trainings. Most drug addicts at most rehabilitations centers undergo brain training. Even people who suffer from constant pain can also restore and calm them self with brain training.
  • Women, men and students who are often stressed out due to various personal and worldly reasons take brain training to resolve their problems and reduce their stress.
  • Soldiers often get back to their normal senses after fighting in wars with the help of brain training.
  • Even people who have suicidal tendencies can be effectively treated with brain training.
  • Mental disturbances which people face due to emotional and physical trauma deceases with brain training.
  • Older people often those who are left in old age homes are provided with brain training. The training helps them strength their physical abilities, clarity of thought and makes them calm.

Ways of brain training

Brain Training and the Methods of Brain Optimization

The Basis of Brain Training and the Methods of Brain Optimization

There are various ways of brain training. One of the most preferred one is the brainwave optimization with real time balancing. There are various brain games which are developed to provide brain training. Brain training optimization is being sought by many. There are various steps which need to be followed in brain training to get the desired results.

Brain training optimization steps

Every individual is different and so are their brain patterns. The training begins with the understanding of the individual brain pattern. Understanding the pattern is a simple process. A sensor is needed to understand the pattern. On each end of the brain the sensors are places and the sensor is attached to the computer. These sophisticated devices pick up various quick brain waves. These waves are shown on computer in colorful waveforms. Wave picking from the brain takes about an hour. After the data is collected it is analyzed.

With the data collected the specialist can detect where the brainwave functions are failing to work normally. They make a blueprint. This blueprint is also presented to the individual who is taking the training.

The sensors are placed in the areas of disturbances and healthy brainwave sounds are transmitted to them. This helps in bringing back harmony and balance in the brain.

As every brain is unique the training does not mean to help those achieve any average standard. The training just aims bring the brain to an optimal condition. Therefore the time required by different people in the brain training is different. But on an average the duration is 10 -12 sessions.

Brain training games

Brain games provide excellent brain training. Though they may look simple there is much deeper though built in them. They help in concentration; planning and retention which many people have problem in. The best brains training game is chess; puzzle and riddles. They are of great help to those suffering from brain disorders.Natural memory enhancer