The Feeling of Joy

Posted on February 14, 2018 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

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Joy is the feeling of happiness you get when you’re doing what you love.

It is the smell of your favorite food baking in the oven, or the taste of ice cream on a hot summer day. It is the sight of your favorite people and snuggling up with your pets to watch a movie. Joy is finishing a good book or watching a suspenseful show and finding out who the murderer was. It is the sound of silence whispering to you in the dead of night about memories you haven’t thought about in years. It’s the cozy feeling of home, the love of a family, and the bond of friendship. Joy is the thrill you get when you take a risk and it all pays off. It’s getting a good grade or winning a trophy. It’s jumping off of a swing for the very first time or sledding down a hill on a snowy day. It’s building a fort or learning to fly. It is the warm feeling of hot soup filling your body when you are sick, or a comforting hug when you are sad. Joy is when you score a goal and the whole team cheers you on, or when you earn a solo and nail every note. It’s the sounds of applause after a stellar performance, the satisfying crunch of fall leaves beneath your feet, or the familiar comfort of your bed. It is dancing to your favorite song or staying up all night to text someone you care about.

Joy is different for everyone, but it happens all the time, in both large and small ways, and in things that make you happier than happy. -teenink.comNatural memory enhancer