In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda comprises ayus words, meaning ‘life’ and Veda, meaning “related to knowledge ‘or’ science. Ayurveda emphasizes use of natural plants and herbs to treat disease.

Traditional Ayurvedic concept is that it will restore and disease from the inside out. Means that healing is lasting and without side effects detrimental to other internal organs. A patient should be guided to meet all the conditions of use of the correct herbs so as to obtain optimum yield and nutritional herbal practice.

Terms of Use are as follows: – Confidence, Sustainable practices, The appearance of the healing crisis (Healing Crisis), Adequate and proper dosage.

Crisis Healing (healing crisis) are showing signs of working herb known as the Direction of Cure (DOC). Some DOC with or arising from the use of herbs among others: –

a) Increased out disease.Often we find a person who uses herbs have healing crisis, which saw growing out of disease, such as migraine for users Memo Plus Gold, itching of the skin of the user Cogent db +, and pain in the joints increases for consumers EaziFlex.

b) Moving from the particular disease to the other. We also often see changes in some diseases such as students who eat Memo Plus Gold to improve memory, but instead suffered tonsillitis cure.

c) Pain in the hips and feet. Nervous system that affects the situation where the pain will feel as if moving down, especially around the waist and feet directly. Linked to the territory of foot reflexology for the treatment of the whole body.

d) Repeating history of pain. Recurrence of symptoms that are not realized was out in the past.

Medicine Research Centre (CDRI), India was set up after India became independent in 1951 to do a thorough study of each herb and discovered two important molecules in Monnieri Bacopa / Brahmi, and named it Bacosides A & B. Standard extraction process on both these molecules have been developed and patented by CDRI.

At present, the production of CDRI Brahmi through rigorous process and monitored by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA itself to control the quality, effectiveness and purity of each capsule is removed.