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There will always be employees who will hate their job, maybe because it is not what they were expecting. They are basically doing a job that they do not really like because it is not their passion. Lack of rewards or motivation from their boss or even because of the low wage could influence workplace issues and ultimately creates workplace dishonesty.

The fatal consequences of dishonesty in the workplace are:-

Builds a False Persona

Creating yourself to be something or someone you are not is the primary idea of workplace dishonesty. Trying to live out this non-existent persona can be quite difficult. As a matter of fact, this can create psychological problems such as depression, severe anxiety, and a general sense of mistrust. A fake identity leads to alienation from families and friends. And a life of fakeness ultimately alienates you from yourself.

Leads to Complexities

As we all know, lies beget lies. In order to validate a lie, you told, you need to tell another lie. To make that lie feasible, you need to tell at least two more lies. To make your whole lie believable, you need to tell more lies. This is what is known as the “ethical slippery slope.” Once you tell a lie you need to cover-it up to avoid detection. Not a good idea. The consequences are always worse if you are detected in the future. Moreover, lying is never a good policy. This web of deceptions is quite unmanageable, regardless of how smart you are. In businesses, things can get unwieldy really quick. From email threads to paper trails, it is impossible to validate and corroborate all your lies. If you wish to throw your life into a spiraling dark complexity and unmanageable terrors, then dishonesty will gladly take you there.

Deception of Trust

As I mentioned earlier, trust is a very fragile glass that once it is broken, it will be impossible to restore it to its original state. Workplace dishonesty is usually caused by a deceptive behavior and is very contagious. Employees usually follow their lies or dishonesty of those who they consider being in their particular “in-group”.

Ruins Business Reputation

It is not a matter of “if” your lies will be discovered. It is a question of “when” will it be discovered. And when it does, it will destroy you. Instead of building an empire of business which practices strong work ethics, most global business leaders actually turn out to be financial ruin and laughing stock, and might even up in jail. Just like trust, it is quite difficult to recover from a ruined reputation due to misconduct, lack of ethics and dishonesty.

Ultimately Destroys Your Business

Having the knowledge of knowing what is expedient and what is right creates a good reputation. Unfortunately, a single person can destroy it overnight. Expediency such as ethical lapses, white lies, and shortcuts – all these jeopardize a business. A business is destroyed when perception from the public turns against them – resigning employees, failing stocks, discontinued partnerships and leaving customers.

The research firm Wirthlin Worldwide conducted a survey and found out that:-

  • 74% of people choose to buy a company’s stock based on the ethicality of the company.
  • 80% of people choose to purchase services and products from a company based on their ethicality.

Remember: When a company or business loses its ethics or reputation, it loses its entire operations.

The Remedy to Dishonesty

The remedy for dishonesty is none other than, honesty. However, honesty is easier said than done. To truly live a life of integrity, we need to strongly believe that honesty is certainly the best policy. Honesty should be a rooted ethic, something which advises us every time we turn on our computers, pen our mouths or make a decision. True success will come to those who are honest.


Honesty in the workplace is in desperately short supply. Financial fortunes are compromised. Business relationships are ruined. Businesses collapse. All because of workplace dishonesty.

In order to have a successful business, it needs to start from within. You will need to implement a strong integrity policy as your company’s root.

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