Effective Study Tips That Have Been Tried And Tested

Posted on July 24, 2012 ยท Posted in How to Study

Memory BoosterThere is a wealth of study tips that are out there, but not all these tips can be said to be effective since they may not work for all people. If you have long been studying and following these tips with nothing to show of it, then you need not to worry yourself anymore as I will take you through some tips that will change both you and your grades. Studying does not always have to be a boring and stressful affair and all this can only be changed with change in attitude.

The 4 basic study tips that are a must have are;

1.Planning – Even before you decide to sit down and read, planning is a must. There is nothing good that can be done without planning. Plan all the things that you will use be it the pens, ruler or writing material. You need to be prepared to read so that you will prevent any distractions. You will also need to have a detailed plan what it is that you are going to read so that you will not be confused as you read.
2. Asking – Never let a burning question to pass you since this may be your downfall. Whenever you are stuck anywhere, be sure to ask for help from your lecturer, teacher family member or a friend. You need to learn how to study actively and ensure that you leave no stone unturned in your quest for knowledge. This is a must have for all study tips since asking questions helps you to clarify points.
3. Ample rest – You may be tempted to read for hours on end just so as to be able to understand a point but this will not be of help in any way. Be sure to take breaks frequently to refresh your memory, this will also be the time that you will be reflecting on what you have just read and trying to internalize and memorize the information
4. Acknowledging achievements– so you have been studying for this math exam and you have finally got the point, why not pat yourself on the back. You need to be able to celebrate all of your achievements as this will serve as a motivation to continue studying.

Study tips you should never forget when you are revising;

  1. Start with the hard subject and material first before you are tired of reading since you will most likely retain and understand it better.
  2. Any and all distractions are a big No, meaning that you will need to do away with that loud music, the telephone or the television for your study session.
  3. Review your material and notes on a regular basis so that you will not forget it and start to panic when the exams are approaching.
  4. You may change your place of study but you should never study in a place that you will be tempted to sleep such as on your bed.

Some study tips for success include;

  • Take plenty of water preferably 6-8 glasses daily even as you study to keep you hydrated
  • Space your study sessions and never study a topic too intensively for the sake of understanding as this will only lead to frustration
  • Your lighting should not be too bright neither should it be too dim but just low enough for reading
  • Always take breaks as you study, as this will help in internalizing what you have just read
  • Always practice with past exam papers as they will give an overview of the actual exam
  • Go an extra mile as you study
  • Remember to use colors as you read and write notes so as to reduce boredom as you read and is also a good way of highlighting important information
  • Your study zone should be conducive with ample space for study
  • Your comfort should also be projected in what you wear so wear clothing that will be comfortable as you read such that you will not be distracted

For your studies to be fruitful, you should never forget the most important of all study tips which is to have a positive attitude right from the start.

By RavirajNatural memory enhancer