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Encouragement is a strategy that can be used to help your organization to discourage your employees from leaving, and then to keep them. The presence of encouragement and appreciation in the workplace has a demonstrably positive impact – and its absence can be as damaging as direct discouragement. When a management style is to highlight mistakes, even in the spirit of learning, but to never give praise or acknowledgement for great work, individuals’ confidence soon wanes. Then problems go unnoticed because staff lose the confidence to come forward. Simultaneously, creativity and innovation are lacking because people do not expect support and recognition if they offer new ideas. Yet, offering encouragement can be more difficult than it might sound because different people respond differently to different types of encouragement.

The reasons why encouragement is important in the workplace are:-

People want to feel important.

When you encourage someone – for a good idea or a job well done – it makes him or her feel valuable. Encouragement unlocks the greatness in others. From time to time, we all need to be reminded how valuable we are, how much we have to offer, and that, if we keep doing that bit extra, we will achieve the goal – and more.

Encouragement reinforces the right things.

Encouragement solidifies and reinforces that “doing the right thing” – especially in difficult situations – is what matters most. Encouragement lets people know they are on the right track, and helps them to maintain positive, ethical and productive work habits.

Encouragement inspires people in tough times.

Everyone gets disheartened from time to time – especially if their organization is experiencing change. At such times, encouragement can help rid fear and anxiety.

Encouragement builds employee loyalty.

Encouragement demonstrates caring and, as people believe you care about them, they will trust more and become more loyal to your leadership and to the organization.

Encouragement ensures maximum results.

It costs nothing to share a few uplifting words, ideas or insights, but the potential rewards are enormous. To this list, you could add that encouragement can help new workers to fit in. Being new to an organization or a team tends to be an anxious time for the worker – and, maybe, the rest of the team. Encouragement during an on-boarding orientation or training can boost his confidence. It can also allow him to express concerns and ask questions – and this can help him to fit into the new team quicker and build strong bonds of loyalty. In this way, a few encouraging words can keep a worker motivated, loyal, committed, engaged and save the considerable cost of having to recruit, select and train a replacement.

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