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Memo Plus Gold

How long do I need to consume this product?
Memo Plus Gold should be consumed continously for a significant effect. The first 3 months is the time required for you to see the impending changes to the development of memory, fitness and health.
Are there any side effects if I stop taking this product?
Memo Plus Gold is produced from the plant Bacopa Monnieri supervised closely at a leading research centre CDRI, India. No harmful side effects are found because it is 100% herbal. This product is also approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia. Your memory will only return to original levels prior to taking Memo Plus Gold
What is the age limit for taking this product?
It is suitable for all ages for a wide range of health benefits in general. For children – children should be given when they start going to school or start learning.
What is the suggested dosage?
For adults one capsule twice daily after food and for children (7 to 12 years old) one capsule once a day after breakfast. It is advisable to continue consuming MEMO PLUS GOLD for at least 3 months for a significant effect, thereafter maintaining one capsule daily as long as the person wishes to.

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