The Importance of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on April 11, 2014 · Posted in Blog, Gold Member, Parenting, Personal, Projects

Why is living a healthy lifestyle important? Better lifestyle habits will reduce your risk of heart attack, you will feel better, have more energy and reduce your risk of illness. Living healthy also elevates your mood, helping you to feel happy and have more self confidence, which results in a better quality of life. Take an active approach to living healthy and improve you health.

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important due to the increase of obesity in the Malaysia. If you are not doing everything you can to improve your overall health you are jeopardizing the quality of your life. Today you can gain knowledge on the best foods for you, the best exercise routines for you and further information you need to help on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Today you will learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Healthier living is becoming more important for people all over the world. Currently, more than 66% of Malaysian adults are either overweight or obese. The greatest increase is in the body mass index. Roughly 12  million Malaysian adults are in this group, which is the greatest health risk.

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important in older people and is positively related to a reduced risk and a delay in the deterioration in their health. It slows down the aging process and helps the older generation stay strong and healthy. Living a healthier lifestyle also slows down the disease development and contributes to a longer life.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle in children has grown tremendously. Obesity in children is increasing in all countries. Because of this factor it is more important than ever that we educate our children on the importance of a healthier living. They need to learn to eat healthy foods and they need to be put on a daily or 3 times weekly exercise schedule. Let your children know the health risks involved in being overweight. If we teach our children the pros of living a healthier lifestyle they will carry this knowledge throughout their lives and become more productive and happier adults.

Health issues associated with overweight children are diabetes and heart disease. These are the two most common side effects of childhood obesity. Any problems your child may have with obesity could and probably will be carried over to their adult life. Therefore, teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle at a young age is of utmost importance.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of disease is widely understood and most people know that lifestyle changes and choices can be critical in determining their health and lifespan. Yet less than 5% of the population in the Malaysia practices a healthy lifestyle.

Living your life in a healthier manner will help create a strong body, strong mind and higher self-esteem: You need to drink lots of water, have regular physical activity, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and protein. DO NOT smoke, drink or put any chemicals in your body that would cause your body harm.

Nutrition is a key factor in the living of a healthy lifestyle. You need to look at what you eat now, lower your calories, make healthier choices and get educated.

Another factor in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Muscle burns fat and therefore we must feed the muscle through good nutrition and build the muscle through healthy exercising. Protein stops muscle loss. It not only helps build your muscles when you are exercising it helps you keep your muscle in the times when you are unable to exercise. On your road to living healthier you could include protein bars and protein shakes as well as other sources of protein.

What do I mean about healthy exercising? Well, some people tend to go overboard and lose track of the word healthy. They want to be thin fast and they get so obsessed they never see themselves as thin so they over exercise and actually cause injuries to their bodies. Exercise at a pace your body can handle and slowly work up. The slower the weight comes off the more likely you will be to keep the weight off. I cannot stress enough the importance of living a health lifestyle, educating yourself and treating your body with the respect it deserves.

You can do all of that right here. We have everything you need to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. You will find articles, recipes, exercise information, and various other things to help you take steps to learning the importance of and start living a healthier lifestyle today!Natural memory enhancer