Ironweed aka Kechondong ari (Iban) aka Tambak bukit (Malay) or Xiao shan hu (Hakka) Flower Benefits

Posted on July 28, 2015 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

The Ironweed aka Kechondong ari (Iban) aka Tambak bukit (Malay) which is actually a Chinese herb for ages, more popular among the Hakka people.Its Hakka name is Xiao shan hu.Its ID is Vernonia Cinerea (Linn.)Less.It is included here because its has flowers that look very much like the other three edible weeds.


Its has tiny purple flowers with diameter 2-3mm  and the plant is very slender with height 20-80 cm.The leaves are very tiny too.In Chinese medicine ,it is used for cough caused by colds or flu.Infusion of the dry/fresh plant without the flowerheads is taken for cough caused by colds and flu.Triterpenes are the major constituent of the herb which give the herb its therapeutic properties.It is difficult to grow and usually can be found growing wild in open space.

In Thailand,it has been used to relieve cigarette craving.Ironweed infusion does not taste bitter.In fact,it does not taste like medicine.Hakka people believe that it can be taken regularly owing to its ability to get rid of ‘wind’ from our body system. -malaysiavegetarianfood.comNatural memory enhancer