Mangosteen – The Queen Of Fruits

Posted on December 19, 2014 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Juicy like an orange,  sweet and tangy in its own unique way and full of vitamin C, the mangosteen is a fruit that is most remembered by mothers telling their kids to be wary of getting their clothes stained by the purple juices from the fruit as it will be a permanent mark and would be close to impossible in getting off.

Despite one of its menacing attributes, the mangosteen makes up for it being extremely fleshy around the small seeds. The fruit can be found mostly in South East Asia and sold along streets, super markets and fruit stores during seasons in Malaysia.  Purple on the outside and white on the inside, the outer shell of the mangosteen is soft and can be easily pried opened with a gentle squeeze at the top. The flesh itself is like a mandarin orange with each piece shaped like a crescent.


As one of the fruits with the highest antioxidants, mangosteens are used in many products such as supplements, a mix with green tea, facial and body products and even Arabic coffee.

With 75 rumored health benefits with one of them being a possible deterrent to HIV, it is no wonder people are calling it a miracle fruit. With its added goodness in flavor, even if the mangosteen does not provide any health benefits at the end of the day, it is still one of the tastiest fruits you can find in Asia.


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