Morning jogging is the best way to keep fit and healthy.

Posted on February 23, 2015 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

We should lead an active life to be healthy physically and mentally. Some of us just torture the organism by various diets, which can do harm to you. If you want to have a good health, then jogging is right for you.

Jogging is useful at any time of the day, but morning jogging is the best way to keep fit and healthy, and I will explain why. The benefits of morning jogging are proven experimentally. A group of people was divided into two, each of them was doing jogging, but one group was jogging in the morning, and the other – in the evening. At the end of the experiment, the group with morning workout was eager to stick to it as to the habit. The group number two refused to do the workout, as they had to force themselves to do it in the evening.

There are a lot of benefits of jogging just in the morning. If you think that you will be too tired to continue the day in the correct way, you are wrong. Morning jogging gives you incredible energy for the whole day! You’ll see how much things are done during the entire day and you’ll be more concentrated than ever. You will also feel much happier, the colors will be deeper, the sun will shine brighter and the birds will sing louder. By the way, morning jogging hastens your metabolism, so during this workout you can loose extra kilograms. Moreover, morning jogging helps you to sleep better at night and to be fresh in the morning. It even can help you to avoid insomnia, if you are suffering from it. In general, exactly morning exercise can improve your self-esteem and it will add you confidence. So, as you can see, there are a lot of advantages, and you will surely yield great benefits from it.

The other question is how to get used to jogging. You can already be happy if you ask yourself this question, because it is already a half of the battle. Most people don’t jog in the morning as they find it hard to get up early. It is rather a problem, but it has a solution. There are some tips to help you with your early awakening. First of all, try to go to bed early, if you want to be healthy, just skip your night TV-show or movie. Moreover, put your alarm clock out of reach for you to not to stop it and sleep one more hour. It helps; you can be sure of it. Get your jogging clothes in the evening, or you can even go to sleep in it. I know that to get up early is a hard thing, but the secret is the consistency. It is said, that 21 days are enough to make jogging a habit, so don’t skip the days. You can run over the other day, then add one day each week and you will feel that you WANT to get up for a morning jog.

Don’t be frustrated if you feel tired when get up early, it will disappear in 2 minutes of jogging and you will feel great energy and the fog in your eyes will be erased. It is recommended to eat a slight breakfast (it can be some cereal or fruits) and to drink water. Remember that you shouldn’t drink much; otherwise it will gurgle inside you and bring discomfort.

So, you get up, put on your jogging clothes, have a slight breakfast and are ready to the heroic act. Still, you should remember some advice. Before jogging stretch your leg muscles, it will prepare your organism for a future assignment. It is obviously, that you can not run too far at first. My advice is to divide your jogging in 10 minute sections. Run 10 minutes then walk also for ten minutes unless you can control your breathing. Don’t stop or rest by no means during your jogging, because movements will keep your body and mind well-prepared.

The thing is that if you make a decision, don’t give up. Soon, you will feel the excitement from morning jogging and you will see the changes for better. My dear friends, please, take my advice into consideration and be healthy! – justforhearts.orgNatural memory enhancer