My New Year Resolution

Posted on December 27, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

New year is a time when many people around the world make promises however , many of the promises made by people are rarely completed . I plan to recycle and improve my grade .

My first resolution of the new year recycle .recently I really need to recycle more to protect the ozone layer . I did a little research and I came across some valuable information if I do not recycle there are consequence . plastic stays there for centuries and centuries . I researched that plastic that has sat in landfills for a period of time can turn into a sort of chemical waste . the poison ruins the soil and soil polluted . when I do not recycle I am doing damage to the environment.

My second resolution of the new year is to get better in school especially in Bahasa Melayu class because that’s the hardest subject i have . I want to pass al of my test grades in Bahasa Melayu , do all homework and do better in everything , such as projects tests , homework , class work and my behaviour in class .

I want to pass all of my test grades by doing homework asking questions in class, paying attention and checking my work before I handed doing all of that will bring me into a good and that’s what making me do well this year . I have to do all of these things to let my dream come true , which is going to an excellent and making my parents proud of me .

I also want to do all my homework and that’s really hard for me to do because sometimes I have a lot of homework from other classes and I am going to get so busy and tiered to do my homework . but I have to force my self to do all my homework and doing homework will making me pass with good marks . I have to do all of my homework by writing every homework assignment in my planner , concentrate in class so I can understand the subject and it will make the homework easer and focus more .

Finally I want to do better in everything. in projects , tests grades , homework etc. I have to work as hard as I can to pass Bahasa Melayu with good marks . also my behaviour in class is not that good because I have been talking too much in class and I am not concentrating so , I have focus more and try harder. -ckNatural memory enhancer