Play Time with Your Children

Posted on August 8, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

By Raviraj

More often than not, the term “parenting” becomes more of an attempt to climb the social ladder through ones children than to actually enjoy the joys of parenting. Before the child is even born, parents rush about arranging for a good school or worrying about the funds which will be needed once the child is ready to go to college. After the baby is born, they enter the enormous rat race of life where everyone is competing against you. Being brought up in such an atmosphere is not at all healthy for a child and reflects badly on your parenting skills. Time must be given to the child’s play time as well!

Leaving the child with a nanny or a baby sitter is another option when you do not have time for parenting. With their busy schedules and unending work, you sometimes find it difficult to spend time with their children. However, this may affect a child’s mind in a very damaging way. Thus, it is absolutely imperative for both parents to find enough time to spend with their child. Also, it is necessary to allot a play time for the child during which both, parents and kids, spend time. Allocation of a play time ensures the child’s upbringing will be complete and wholesome.

Child Play Time

In an attempt to prevent their child from missing the bus, you forget that childhood is the most special time of any individual’s life where he or she discovers the world through play. Parenting dictates that children should be encouraged to play with those belonging to their own age group. It marks the beginning of the process of making friends – something that all of us continue to do throughout life. However, it is also necessary for a child to spend time playing with you. You need to include yourselves in the imaginary games of your child so that you too can help your child discover the world. Parenting does not mean you impose your rules of the adult world in the games of your child. A child needs to learn in his or her own time what is wrong or what is right.

As parents you need to include yourselves in your child’s play so that you can teach them right from wrong. This is a very important parenting skill which you need to hone. A child will not stop to consider the emotions of another child and it is unnatural to even expect them to do so. Thus, you are the authoritative parent figure and need to tell him or her that it is wrong to take from others that which is not yours. Also, children need to be taught several virtues such as sharing as it does not come to them automatically. Parenting tips suggest that you include yourself in your child’s games so that you can guide your children.

The unspoken rules which differentiate between boys and girls are almost genetically induced into our systems. So before you discriminate between your son and daughter keep a check on what parenting tips are available. As they are but children, they do not understand the importance of such things however, it is necessary to treat both your children equally and with equal importance. Sometimes this differentiation occurs between siblings. This can result is severe mental pressure and eventually turn into a disastrous psychological problem.

Natural Memory BoosterChoosing toys for your child is also very important. A parenting tip is to teach your child to sit in one place for a long time. So, purchase games which involve your child using his or her imagination. Lego, Ludo and other such games improve your child’s focus while video games just lead to them getting even more distracted. Video games can also have a severe and adverse effect on your child. The images which flash across the screen only make your child hyper and induce many problems such as short sightedness. Keeping a check on your child’s play time is an equally important part of parenting.

Spending time with your child trumps all other activities provided as parenting tips. A child needs to see his or her role models – parents – on a regular basis in order to dote on them. However, being a caring parent can also be taken over board. Make sure you do not spoil your child or give them the idea that they can get away with everything.Natural memory enhancer