Memorizing Al-Quran real easy with Memo Plus Gold
Siti Nur Aminah , 14 years old from Maktab Tahfiz Jenjarom, Banting

Siti Nur Aminah Memo Plus Gold Testimonial” I started consuming Memo Plus Gold in the beginning of the year 2009. By April 2009 I could recite and remember 2 1/2 verses of the Holy Koran ( Quran ) and my performance in my studies at school had improved tremendously.

In my final school examination at the end of 2009, I was the top student in my class. I’ve also been so active in sports and other curricular activities until all my teachers knew about me. Memo Plus Gold keep me active, energised, mentally strong and focused in whatever I do and I also never feel tired to study at night after a long day of activities”, says Siti Nur Aminah.Note : By the early year of 2010 Siti Nur Aminah already finish remembering the whole Holy Koran ( Quran) and now started to repeat again.

Noraini Ismail from Kuantan, Pahang

Noraini Ismail Memo Plus TestimonialI started to eat Memo Plus Gold in 2008. During those period, I started to feel my memories getting stronger. A small evidence has been when I can remember and recite phrases from holy Quran for one of my exam subject easily.

Then much bigger evidence was when I scored 9A’s in my PMR. I was glad to started on Memo Plus Gold in the first place because with my now superb memories, I have superb result.


Nor Hamizah, UUM Sintok, Kedah.

Nor Hamizah Memo Plus Gold TestimonialI’ve been taking memo Plus Gold continuously since my secondary school days. At first, my mom told me that the capsules she gave me will lessen my sleepiness in class. This was due to the fact that my teachers complained regarding my habit of dozing off in class from time to time and also the fact that I got problem on staying focus in class. Moreover I rather disturb my friends than listening to teacher when I’m not sleeping.

Thank to god, after taking Memo Plus Gold I am more alert in class and my result getting better and better. Through out my secondary school I manage to get 1st place or 2nd place in each examination I attended.

Now I’m already studying in one of the Major University in Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia ( UUM, Kedah) and I’m already in third semester and still taking memo Plus Gold without fail. I am proud to say that i also earn 3 Dean’s List certificates because I manage to get excellent result in examinations.

Memo Plus Gold not only heighten my concentration in class but it also kick out my sleepiness and boredom even with 6 hours worth lecturing. Besides that, sometimes my class will start as early as 8 in the morning and finish as late as 11 at night. Some more tomorrow I have to wake up early for Solat ( prayer) and to do preparation before I go for new class. Memo Plus Gold give me energy to withstand all that and more for my life as as University Student. Thanks to Memo Plus Gold my road to success become much easier.

Adam Ritson was one of rugby league’s most promising young stars.
Newspaper headlines “Million dollar man” proclaimed the youngster’s success and potential brilliant future.

Testimonial Adam RitsonWhen adam retired from rugby league, his faltering short term memory closed many doors to him and his future looked grim and with with no memory Adam had virtually no life at all.

But nobody reckoned with Adam’s aunt. Olga Sawtell was incensed that Adam was making little progress. Her story of how she found Membac to help her nephew’s memory is a story of courage, heartbreak, love exasperation and fear.

Western medicine had called it a day and it was over to Olga to overcome the odds. Fate stepped in and she started her research just as Bacopa Monnieri was being introduced to neurologists at an international conference in Melbourne. Olga decided it was worth a try.

Olga then contacted the CDRI (the Indian government laboratory) and secured exclusive rights, and now the family manufacture and sell this patented herbal extract exclusively in Australia.

“It turned out to be the most important ‘try’ of my life. My memory improved out of sight. I can’t play football any more and if I hadn’t been able to improve my memory, I’d be getting a lot less out of life than I am now. It took time – good things don’t happen overnight,” said Adam.