Will reading English novels improve my spoken English fluency?

Posted on May 19, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


For starters, if you pick up a good novel, it will definitely have excellent language which you will eventually pick up as you read the book- this will help better your spoken language as well.

Also, these books will have a good range of vocabulary, and if you make it a point to implement this vocabulary in your day to day life that too will improve your spoken English- just make sure to look up how to pronounce the words you learn.

Finally, and most importantly, the more books you read, the more confident you will get about your English. You will know how to use the language effectively, with great words, and without grammatical errors, because you’ve read this in one or more books, and so this confidence will reflect in your spoken ability as well and you will find yourself speaking confidently, and thus, fluently. – Lakshmi Namabiar

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