10 Health Benefits Of Lemongrass

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Lemongrass, also known as citronella grass, is an herb native to Africa and India. It is widely used in Thai and other Asian cuisines, where it gives dishes a potent, yet mild and refreshing citrus flavour. Lemongrass also finds good use in refreshing cold beverages and delicious herbal teas. But lemongrass doesn’t just enhance food and drink with a pleasant citrus flavour note. Did you know that lemongrass is also very healthy?

Lemongrass contains a wealth of valuable nutrients and is particularly rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. In Ayurvedic medicine, lemongrass has long been used to cleanse the body, and as a natural remedy for many ailments and health conditions. Because of its purifying effect on the body and its numerous health benefits, we chose lemongrass as the perfect ingredient for our Uzuma Mangata tea. Let us look at some of the health benefits of lemongrass.

1. lemongrass boosts your immune system

Lemongrass strengthens your body’s immune defences. As flu season comes around in the colder months of the year, drinking tea with lemongrass can help you keep sickness at bay.

Lemongrass has been shown to improve the absorption of nutrients that our body needs for a strong immune system. It has a beneficial effect on the actions of cytokines, which are proteins that regulate immune responses in our body. According to research, the active compound in lemongrass—citral—may have an inhibitory effect on cytokine production, which gives lemongrass its anti-inflammatory effect.

Lemongrass also contains a high amount of vitamin C, and furthermore has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This makes it an excellent herb when you are ill with the common cold, cough, or the flu. If you have a cold, you can prepare a tea from fresh lemongrass leaves and add cloves, some turmeric, and tea leaves for an effective natural remedy. Sipping the tea will not just boost your immune defence, but will also break down mucus and phlegm when you’re congested. With our Uzuma Mangata tea, you can enjoy the healthful benefits of green tea and lemongrass in one tasty and healthy beverage.

2. lemongrass gives you healthier skin

A tonic made with lemongrass has purifying, antiseptic, and astringent qualities, which makes it an excellent choice if you want to cleanse oily or problematic skin. Apply lemongrass tonic regularly and it will strengthen the skin tissue and cleanse pores for a clear and smooth appearance. It is an effective natural remedy that can help you with acne and eczema.

Aside from its cleansing properties that help clear up your skin, lemongrass also contains plenty of vitamin A and vitamin C, which are essential vitamins for beautiful skin and hair. Moreover, lemongrass also improves blood circulation so that your skin will have a healthy and radiant glow.

3. lemongrass is good for digestion

Lemongrass has been used since ancient times for all kinds of stomach and digestion problems. In traditional Chinese medicine, it has been used as a natural remedy for constipation, indigestion and bloating. The citral in lemongrass has a cooling effect that soothes your stomach. A cup of lemongrass tea served right after a meal will support healthy digestion and keep stomach problems away.

A study done in 2012 by the National Institutes of Health found that lemongrass can also be effective in the prevention of gastric ulcers. The researchers discovered that the essential oils in lemongrass protect the stomach lining from damage. This way, lemongrass can be beneficial for people who are at a heightened risk for developing stomach ulcers, such as those who regularly take aspirin or drink alcohol.

4. lemongrass is rich in antioxidants

Lemongrass is particularly rich in antioxidants, which are valuable compounds that help fight cell damage from so-called free radicals in the body. These free radicals are often the cause for disease. Scientific studies on lemongrass found that it contains several antioxidants, including chlorogenic acid, isoorientin, and swertiajaponin. These antioxidants are said to help prevent cell damage in the coronary arteries, which benefits a healthy heart.

The antioxidants in lemongrass also have cleansing and detoxing properties that make it a perfect herb for getting rid of harmful wastes in your body. Your kidneys and liver can operate at peak performance, working effectively to cleanse your body from the inside out.

The antioxidants in lemongrass can also help reduce early signs of ageing. By preventing damage to your skin from UV rays from the sun, they can help minimise wrinkles and blemishes for a more youthful appearance.

5. lemongrass boosts metabolism and burns fat

When you drink tea with lemongrass, such as our Uzuma Mangata tea, it can help boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Lemongrass also works as a natural diuretic, so you can easily and quickly lose some unwanted pounds. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013 showed that the polyphenols found in plant compounds, such as those in lemongrass, increase the use of energy and benefit the burning of fat in the body.

The citral in lemongrass that gives it its citrusy flavour can also provide some weight loss benefits. It has been found that citral can prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat while promoting the use of stored energy. This way, lemongrass can help prevent you from gaining weight.

6. lemongrass helps you sleep better

Lemongrass can help you if you have trouble sleeping and want a good night’s rest. The reason for this is that lemongrass contains magnesium, which is a mineral that plays an important role in good sleep. Magnesium deficiency is a common cause for sleeping troubles. It can also cause restless leg syndrome or can make you wake up frequently during the night. This is also the reason that people who suffer from insomnia often take magnesium supplements.

The magnesium in lemongrass can support deep, relaxing sleep by maintaining healthy levels of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep. Drink a cup of lemongrass tea an hour before you go to bed and it can help you with sleeping problems and ensure that you wake up refreshed in the morning.

7. lemongrass regulates high blood pressure

Lemongrass is rich in potassium, which is a mineral that can help regulate high blood pressure. Potassium can increase the production of urine in the body, and it improves circulation, which results in lower blood pressure. In studies, it was found that people who drank lemongrass tea experienced a moderate drop in systolic blood pressure and a mild increase in diastolic blood pressure. They also experienced a lower resting heart rate.

In addition to its blood pressure regulating effect, lemongrass can also limit the absorption of cholesterol for overall better cardiovascular health.

8. lemongrass helps with respiration problems

Lemongrass, with its antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and vitamins doesn’t just help you keep a cold away. Should you fall ill, it will also help reduce your symptoms. Drink tea with lemongrass if you’re sick, and it will help loosen the mucus and unclog your nose so you can breathe better. Lemongrass tea will also have a soothing effect on your throat. The antibacterial properties of lemongrass, together with the vitamins and other healthful compounds, will help you recover faster.

9. lemongrass calms your nerves

Lemongrass has a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system. It can help you with stress, nervousness, and anxiety, and has been shown to be potentially beneficial for many other neuronal disorders.

For aromatherapy, the refreshing citrus scent of lemongrass calms you and can put you in a relaxed mood. A cup of nice hot tea with lemongrass won’t just benefit your body with its healthful properties, it can be just the right thing to help you relax and get rid of stress at the end of the day.

10. lemongrass relieves menstrual pain

Lemongrass is beneficial for women’s health. A tea made with lemongrass has a soothing effect that helps with menstrual pain, cramps, and hot flashes.

The health benefits of lemongrass—in conclusion

If you drink a cup of tea with lemongrass—such as our Uzuma Mangata tea—regularly, it can provide you with many healthful benefits for your body and mind. Whether you want to lose weight the natural way, want to boost your immune system, or would like a healthy start in the morning, our Uzuma Mangata tea is the perfect beverage for you! –relexem.com

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