What does Islam say about respecting the elders?

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It is said by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-

“He isn’t of us who isn’t kind to our youngsters, and shows no respect to our elders…”
Islam gives so much importance to respecting elders that it is equated with glorifying the Almighty Allah. It is said by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-

“Of the glorification of Allah, certainly it is the honor shown to an old Muslim, the bearer of the Qur’an (by heart) without treachery therein and keeping aloof from it: and the honor showed to a just king.”

Islam says to us to show respects to our elders whether they are parents, relatives or unknown old person. In Qran E Hakeem this world is used which gives the meaning of :- Shaikh, kabeer and Ajooz. The person who respects elders in his old age people will give him respect too. It is narrated by Hazrat Anas ibn E Malik that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that:-
“If a young man honors an elderly on account of his age, Allah appoints someone to honor him in his old age.”

It is said by Hazrat mohammad (PBUH) that if today’s youth will give respect to elders when this youth will be old tomorrow the new youth will give respect to them. It is narrated by Hazrat Abu Musa Al- Ash ari that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) said that:-

“It is out of reverence to Allah to respect the white-headed (aged) Muslim.”
(Abu Dawud; ranked hasan by Al-Albani)

At another place it is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that:-

“Jibreel ordered me to give priority to the elderly.”

How to give respect to elders?

• Always talk with them in soft manners. Never use harsh words with them. Talk with them with honor and respect.
• When you are walking with them always walk behind them.
• Show your love with them. Offer a hug and say something affectionate.
• Listen them respectfully and carefully.
• When you are having lunch or dinner with elders start with elders.
• Talk with smiley face.
• Give them proper time. Some time we see that our elders want to talk with us but we don’t give them time.
• Ask from him whenever you have to decide on an important affair. They can give you a better advice .
• It is said by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-

“When the time for prayer is due, one of you should announce Adhan and the oldest among you should lead the prayer.”

So always show respect to your elders. May Allah give us courage to follow the teachings of Islam (Ameen).

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