8 Tips to Increase Happiness in Asian Families

Posted on August 4, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

Parenting is unquestionably the most difficult job a person can have in life. Not only does high stakes accompany parenting, but it is also demanding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the rewards only come later in life. Thus, the demands of parenting can take a toll on the physical and emotional health of a person. Unfortunately, the state of a parent often directly affects the state of the entire family.

Here are some parenting tips on how to increase happiness within Asian families.

Do not expect things to be perfect.

As tradition dictates, many Asian parents tend to take on an authoritarian tone, and this is often backed by the desire or the Happy Familyexpectation that the family be perfect. And if children fail to meet these expectations, parents become stressed, and they somehow pass the stress on to their kids. Parents are never meant to be perfect, and children are definitely not perfect either. Expectations for perfection within a family can certainly lead to many disappointments and to a lot of stress.

Learn to adapt to the new age

Parenting in Asia is very different from parenting in the West. Many parents in Asia tend to have a traditional technique in parenting, in which they try to use the same manner of parenting that their parents used with them. However, as life has changed a lot these past few years, especially with the onset of the digital age, it is important for Asian parents to learn to adapt and to adjust their parenting skills to match the times. Your parenting style should be consistent with the current lifestyle and should take recent trends into consideration.

Learn to manage stress without inflicting it on your family.

As a parent, it is very easy for you to affect and influence your kids. So when you are feeling stressed, it can instantly create a stressed environment in the home. Even worse, some parents tend to inflict their negative feelings onto their children. Tips on stress management can also help you in this respect.

Always focus on your relationship

Many Asian couples lose focus on their relationship with their kids. This is why authoritarian parenting is very common in Asian families. Unfortunately, your interaction with your kids will be based on your relationship. If you have a good relationship with them, it will be easier for you to discipline them effectively. If you don’t work on your parent and kids relationship, no amount of force will convince your kids to respect your wishes and obey you on their own accord.

Be willing to learn from your children.

Many Asian parents are very traditional, and they have a high regard for their role as parents. This may keep them from being willing to learn from their kids, which is also important.

Take time to celebrate.

Invite the celebratory mood into your family by finding reasons to celebrate. Celebrate birthdays, or a good day at work, or a successful school project. These little celebrations can do wonders for the bond between you and your children.

Make your kids laugh and laugh with them.

Try to make your kids laugh from time to time, and when they find something funny, laugh with them too. Even if your kids laugh at the little mundane things, just laugh along. Laughter can lift up the mood in your home and can make it a fun place for your kids, instead of a place where they are only expected to follow orders.

Have time for yourself.

Being a parent is a round-the-clock job, but it doesn’t mean you can’t take a few hours off each week. You also have to be yourself; if you are not happy with your own life, you will find it hard to be happy with your kids. You also need time with fellow adults, such as friends, siblings, or your own partner. And if the need to spend time for yourself requires you to ask for help from outside, such as getting professional help or asking extended family to spend some time with your kids, then there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.Natural memory enhancer