Abandoning university because of the presence of the opposite sex {Islam}

Posted on March 26, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal



I am a young Muslim who was born and grew up in the West. I’m now in College because my father really wants me to go to. Women outnumber men at this college and they dress quite provocatively. Last year, I secretly dropped out twice because the temptation was too much for me. After that, I decided that I would not go back. However, my father insists that I go to college. Do I have to go? I have many friends who did not go to college or university and they are doing ok!


We would like to applaud you for your concern to maintain your religion and adhere to Allah’s commands.

We advise you not to leave studying for the reasons you have said, but to choose a more conservative college with fewer temptations. Even if all colleges availible to you are as you said, you should go ahead and continue your studies because it is the only way Muslims can take to gain knowledge when studying in western countries. The Muslim should go to college and benefit from what is good and leave what is bad. Allah says: “So fear Allah as much as you can”.

Think of something that can save you from this atmosphere. Get married if you can. Concentrate on performing acts of worship, such as prayer. This will strengthen you to avoid forbidden things. Keep the company of pious people who can help you to do good things. Concentrate on your studies in order to finish them as soon as possible. I know some pious people who went through the same trials and overcame them while maintaining their chastity and modesty.

You have to take care of your parents and seek their pleasure, as they, by way of your relationship to them, could be a cause of you going to Paradise or to Hell.

And Allah knows best.


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