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What are antibiotics? 

Antibiotics are used to stop the growth of or to destroy bacteria of infectious diseases.

If you have a virus, antibiotics will not cure an infection. Viral infections include:

  • Cold.
  • Flu.
  • Most coughs.
  • Most bronchitis.
  • Runny nose.

Taking antibiotics for viral infections will NOT:

  • Cure the infection.
  • Keep other individuals from catching the illness.
  • Help you feel better.

The good of antibiotics. 

  • Kills bacteria that are causing your discomfort or illness.
  • Most laboratory tests can tell providers your symptoms are caused by a bacterium or a virus. If you have a bacterial illness, antibiotics can help you feel better (relieve symptoms) usually within a day or two.

Antibiotics need to be prescribed by a doctor.

The bad of antibiotics. 

  • They kill the healthy bacteria in your gut, allowing more harmful bacteria to grow in its place.
  • All drugs have side effects; make sure to ask your pharmacist about what to expect and the common adverse effects.
  • If not taken appropriately and when needed, they can contribute to antibiotic resistance –
  • Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria are not killed but the growth just slows down. Once bacteria start to grow again, you may have more symptoms and the same antibiotics may not work again.
  • Bacteria will inevitably find ways of resisting the antibiotics developed.

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