As Ramadan Draws to a Close {Islam}

Posted on July 15, 2015 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Ramadan is the best time to realign our lives. It is the best time to make necessary changes to our thinking, the way we speak, and the way we behave.

Ramadan is drawing to a close.

Many Muslims are trying to see how successful they have been in adhering to their initial plans when they were filled with enthusiasm at the beginning of the month.

Common intentions include things like not missing any days of fasting, and not getting angry, as well as performing Tarawih Prayer, giving in charity, helping others, and reading the entire Quran. But, how many of us make the intention to embrace this month from the perspective of deep contemplation and the advancement of mercy and compassion?


When Almighty Allah told us to “Read”, the idea was to do so with understanding. The objective of reading, and everything else we do, is that it has a positive impact on the way we live our lives, the way we reach out to others, and the way we see the world.


Ramadan is all about change. In fact, life is all about learning, developing, and changing for the better. This blessed month is the perfect chance to observe our inner selves very closely, discover our strengths and weaknesses, and take the first steps to improving ourselves and expanding the way we think and feel.


Change is not only limited to the individual. In fact, if we are changing in a positive way, it should be impossible for us to look around and see so much poverty, misery, and injustice, and remain content to do nothing about it.

In order to think clearly and be sensitive to the needs of others, our hearts must be soft, our minds must be introspective, and our intentions must be firm so that we continually strive to better ourselves.


Almighty Allah tells us that He will change what is around us when we change what is within ourselves. As we understand that our inner change and development is for a great purpose that lies beyond ourselves, we realize that we are not alone.


When we set out to clean our hearts, purify our minds and intentions, and modify our words and behavior so that we can have a positive impact on the world and be a mercy to the world, we will find that the universe is at our service, and we will begin to perceive how Almighty Allah speaks to us in many ways.


Especially in Ramadan, our inner selves become more receptive, and we find meaning in the beauty of nature, in situations we face, and people we meet. Sometimes the truth of life, of ourselves, or the guidance we need to make an all-important decision in life is made clear to us as we read something that touches our hearts in a very meaningful way.


One of the things Allah loves us to do is to help people who are in debt…

Then again, the message might come to us when we hear people say something in passing that answers a question that has been lingering in our mind. Or, maybe we watch a show on television or a film and the meaning strikes us, turning our thinking, and our lives, in a different and better direction.


As we develop ourselves during this blessed month, we should remember that Islam teaches us to help others, but the meaning is more comprehensive than what usually comes to mind when we think about offering charity. We are supposed to look for ways to raise people up, and provide life-changing help and support.


One of the things Allah loves us to do is to help people who are in debt, and to take care of someone who has no one to lean on. We will never be able to do such things if we do not have mercy in our hearts.


What is the goal of Islam? The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) answered this question very simply when he said, “I came to complete good character.” (At-Tabarani)


Almighty Allah tells us that He sent Prophet Muhammad to be a mercy to the worlds. Prophet Muhammad told us that if we were to add mercy and compassion to anything, it would beautify it and if we were to take mercy and compassion out of anything, it would become ugly. (Al-Bukhari)


So, as we fast in Ramadan, we can gauge our success by the amount of compassion we feel for others who are less fortunate than ourselves.


Imagine what our families, communities, and nations would be like if we choose to define ourselves with mercy and compassion. How would our lives, and those of the people around us, change if we allowed mercy and compassion to color our words and actions?


There is no end to Allah’s mercy. He gives mercy and compassion to His creation — you and me, whether or not we deserve it, whether or not we obey Him, and whether or not we are merciful to others. The sun shines on everyone. There is beauty. There is sustenance. There is always a way out.


What is it that limits us? We limit ourselves because we veer away from mercy and compassion and living in such a way that we may exist under the shade of the Most Merciful.


If a human being kills someone, it is like he or she killed all mankind. Likewise, if a human being saves someone, it is like he or she saved all mankind. Nobody would want to live with the consequences of harming all mankind, but, at the same time, we would all love to reap the reward of saving mankind.


It is up to us. Which way will we choose to live our lives? Will we harm others or have mercy? Obviously, the way of mercy brings about positive and lasting change.


Ramadan is the best time to realign our lives. It is the best time to make necessary changes to our thinking, the way we speak, and the way we behave.


You are a guest in the world of the most Merciful. You eat from His bounteous table.

Ask yourself: What are you doing that Allah does not like? How do you speak to people? How do you behave when you are angry or upset? How many times today did you show mercy to another living creature?


Allah made the world like a table spread out and we are His guests. We need to seek understanding when we read the Quran because it contains the words of Allah, His message to us.


We need to look for Allah’s bounties, because sometimes, due to our limitations as human beings, our sins, or our preoccupation with trivial matters, we tend to overlook the marvels that surround us.


How often have you stopped to think that everything in creation praises Allah in its own way, that everything in creation submits to Allah, that everything in creation has been put in your service, that everything in creation loves you, and that everything in creation cries for you or rejoices with you.


You are a guest in the world of the most Merciful. You eat from His bounteous table. Your eyes and ears enjoy the marvels of His handiwork. Are you also praising Allah, submitting to Allah, caring for His creation, loving His creation, and seeking ways to help His creation?


If we have had a successful Ramadan, we should emerge from this blessed month feeling more mercy for all living things, continually seeking ways to develop the people and places where we are, never wasting the bounties Allah has given us, always being calm at heart, and never causing harm to any living thing.


Be the kind of person that other people love to be with. Be the kind of person who enriches those around you. Have an open heart that accepts people, knowing that everyone can change, and never judge.

As Allah gives to us even though we are weak and prone to sin, so we should turn to those around us and forgive, wipe away tears, bring a smile, cheer a heart, and be a manifestation of Allah’s mercy in this world. -onislam.netNatural memory enhancer