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Good health is a result of balanced diet, physical exercise and mental
equilibrium.  The Prophet SAW was a perfect example of a man with good
eating habots.  He used to eat the following foods; milk, honey, meat and
fruits.  However, he did not recommend the consumption of meat twice in a day,
or its continueous  consumption for forty days.  He SAW said that it makes the
heart hard.  How so true from recent prove.  The Nabi SAW particularly
favoured  watermelons and dates, saying the coolness of one neutralises the
hotness of the other.  He recommended the breaking of one’s fast with three

Abdullah bn Mas’ud reported The Nabi SAW as saying; Make use of two
remedies: Honey and The Qur’an.
The Qur’an has given useful tips regarding balanced diet containing every
ingredient necessary for growth, strength and repairs of body tissues.
These includes protein, fat, calcium and salts.

Variety and moderation are essential for good health.  A balanced diet is
not about foods you should avoid, it is about foods you choose to include in
your diet. A healthy eating habit helps to contribute to your general well
being.  Below are some tips on healthy eating habits.

* Eat a wide variety of foods daily so that you can achieve a healthy and
nutritionally balanced diet.

*Moderation means portion control.  Most times we tend to eat oversized
servings laden with fats, sugar and salt.  Try to choose foods that are
lower in fats especially saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium.

** Include fruits and vegetables in your meal more often.  Consuming
wholesome, nutritious foods such as fruits, beans, pulses and vegetables
helps to supply you with more nutrients and goodness than processed foods.
MashaAllah , there are different fruits and vegetables that offer different
colours, green, red, yellow, purple, etc.  Colourful foods means healthy
food.  The benefits of fruits as good nourishment is described in The Holy
Qur’an as follows;
“And of fruits of date-palm and grapes, whence ye derive strong drink and
nourishment.  Lo! Therein indeed a portent for people who have sense”

* Take lots of fluids, water, juices etc, at least about six glasses of
fluid daily.

* Avoid excess weight gain and to help you lose weight, avoid fatty, high
calorie foods.  Choose nutrient rich foods such as bread, rice, pulses and

* Note, it is the nutritional content of your overall daily diet that counts
and not what you eat in a single meal.

* The body has different needs and no single food can supply all the
necessary vitamins and minerals,so it is important to include varieties.

*Having a well-planned meal will help you keep cravings under control.

** Once in a while, fast, and while getting your reward for the fast, you
are doing your system some good of overhauling.  Fasting is a good way of
cleansing the body and getting rid of some diseases.

And MashaAllah BarakaAllah, while trying to balance our diets, we(the
kitchen/cooking women)should always remember to pray for our men for their
efforts, and for ease/Halal from Allah Ta’ala and most importantly, all
should continue to thank Allah for the beautiful sustenance, His Ni’ima and


Allahummaghfirlii warhamniy wahdiniy wa ‘aafiniy warzuqniy wajburniy war
fa’aniy.(Oh Allah, forgive me and have mercy on me, and keep me on the right
path, and keep me healthy, and provide me with halal sources of living, and
complete my shortcomings and make my rank high). (It is sunnah to say this
prayer in between the two jalsah, in salaat)

Allahumma iniy as’aluka ayshaa qaaran, warizqan daaran, wa a’amalan baaran
(O Lord, I indeed am supplicating to You for an Honourable Life and Bounties
that flourish as well as the will and ability of performing Good deeds).
Wasalallahu ‘ala nabiyyul-Karim.

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