Be A Good Neighbour

Posted on September 8, 2017 ยท Posted in Blog, General, Personal


A good neighbour should have high moral principles and respect the other people that live in his/her community. Such a neighbour would be reliable, respect one’s privacy, and never gossip.
Civilized persons live in communities,so they have neighbours who they have to communicate with and accept. However, it is my believe that a good neighbour should be a good friend in the first place and a person that does not like to gossip.To begin with, it is in human nature to need someone when you are in critical situations and sometimes you would like to have someone whom you can turn to when you are in dire need of a piece of advice. Surely, a good neighbor should be that person because he lives near you and if he proves to be reliable, he will help you. For instance, my best friend is my neighbour because she has always been there when I was in trouble and needed someone to discuss with.

Secondly, a good neighbour should respect your intimacy so he should not interfere with your private life if you do not allow him. Most people do not like those who gossip and spread false news about someone. A good neighbor should take into account that everyone has a life and therefore he should not be concerned with what others do. For instance, the neighbours in my neighborhood are old people and,as they do not have jobs and other interesting activities, they are always attentive to what some people do and if they find their actions inappropriate, spread fallacious information about those persons. This situation is preposterous and as far as I am concerned, these gossipers should mind their own business and not judge anyone because they do not have this right.

In conclusion, a good neighbour is that person that has high moral principles and respect the other people that live in his community. After all, people should try to accept each other and,subsequently, adjust to the conditions that the statute of a good neighbour imply. -ck

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