Be a good neighbour

Posted on February 7, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


We all have a responsibility for the quality of life in our neighbourhood. Neighbours can be a good source of support, so why not think about introducing yourself and your family to your neighbours if you haven’t already done so?

What makes a good neighbour?

Being a good neighbour is about respecting your neighbours and not doing anything that might cause upset. Most conflicts between neighbours start because of misunderstandings or inconsiderate behaviour.

Below are some of the most common issues which result in neighbours falling out. If you can avoid these, then you will be able to have a good relationship with your neighbours.

Inconsiderate parking – Blocking neighbours access to property or drive
Loud music or television – Having the volume too high
Barking dog – Leaving your dog to howl all day
Unsupervised children – Children behaving badly, screaming or misbehaving
Bad language – Swearing in or outside your house
Summer barbeques – Late night barbeques which can be very loud when your neighbours are trying to go to sleep
Ignoring your neighbours – Deliberately ignoring your neighbours can be seen as a gesture of dislike
Slamming doors – The sound of a slamming door is very annoying
Bonfires – Garden bonfires can blow across your neighbours’ garden and may affect hanging washing

Neighbours should always be given consideration if you want to gain respect and build a good relationship. Consider the following:

Say hello and smile – Something as simple as this can break the ice and get you talking
Keep neighbours informed – If you are having a party, a barbecue or other gatherings at your home, let neighbours know a couple of days in advance that you will do your best to keep noise down and ensure considerate parking. If you are planning on burning garden rubbish let your neighbours know in advance so they can keep their washing in
Support each other – If you do get to know your neighbour, think about exchanging telephone numbers so that in an emergency you can contact and inform them
Look out for each other  -If your neighbour is going away offer to put out their bins for them and keep an eye on their house
Respect – Always show each other respect in all you do
Closing doors – Encourage children to close doors quietly

With the commitment from everyone we can all live peacefully in our homes free from un-neighbourly behaviour.Natural memory enhancer