Bee Hoon Soto (Chicken Noodle Soup) for Breakfast

Posted on April 21, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Ohhhhh….I’m sure you’ve heard, Chicken Soup is good for the soul ? And so, here I am with this Chicken Noodle Soup recipe. As usual, easy-peasy, lemon squeezeyyy recipeeee…. And of course, it is one of my favourites because it’s souppppppppppp ?

Back during the time when I was growing up, this used to be one of the more common dishes I would have, only because it fell under the category of non-spicy dish to have for kids, especially when we ate out……. ONLY for me to actually have fallen for the spicy chilli that is served as a side with this dish instead ;), which brings me to being the Chilli Monster I have become today. I lurveeeee my Chillies! ?


There are many ways to serve Mee Soto actually. In this case here, to be more precise, it is the Beehoon (white rice noodles) Soto that I am presenting to you. Basically, the soup base remains the same, one thing that varies and in turn, changes the name of the dish, is the type of noodles (or rice) that is then dunked into the Soup. More commonly, Soto dishes are also served with a side of Bergedil(Potato Cakes) and Chilli Padi Sambal(Chilli Padi Sauce). Simply Yummmmmmmmm…. ?????

When served with white Noodles, it is known as BeeHoon Soto. With Yellow Noodles, it is known as Mee Soto. With rice cakes, it is known as just Soto. On it’s own, it’s known as Soup Soto. I prefer mine with shredded chicken. Having said that, I do know of some who prefer it with small chicken mid-joints too. Oh well, whichever way it is served, this is one delicious recipe, easy to prepare and it goes a long way – Perfect for that lunch, teatime or dinner get-together with friends and family too!


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