I believe in always looking forward.

Posted on April 23, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

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I believe in always looking forward, even if memories, both good and bad, start appearing in your head and make you want to go back to a better time or relive a past fear. I myself have had ups and downs within the course of my life, with the ‘ups’ being near the top of the tennis team in high school, making and keeping great friends throughout high school and such, and my ‘downs’ being where I’ve had to move quite a few times before finally settling down in what used to be the peaceful village town of Petagas in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, getting in a high speed car crash with my first car, and being belted by my parents for any grade lower than a B throughout secondary school.

 My freshman year in university college was definitely one of the lowest points of my life. I basically almost failed it, I averaged a C or lower in almost every class and that was mostly because I was able to pull of a good grade on a final. I realized that summer that I realized that summer that those grades were to close to failing that year for me to keep that up so I sought to forget about that year for the rest of high school and look forward to improve my sophomore year. And that I did, sophomore year my grades improved. Although they still weren’t the grades I were going for, they were better. Junior year saw more improvement and by the end of senior year I somehow made it into the top 20-15% of my class, averaging high B’s and lower end A’s. It was only then when I decided to reflect on all of high school and look at my vast improvement from freshman year.

 Last September I was involved in a high speed car crash which was without argument, my fault. I made a left turn that I shouldn’t have made and ended up getting smashed by a car 2 times the size and weight of my own that was going around 55 mph, or more since people tend to drive a bit over the limit in my town. That night, after getting home from the emergency room, I laid on my bed until past 2 thinking about whether or not I should get behind the wheel again after what happened. And then I decided that I’ll just forget about the accident and continue driving, unlike most people who stop driving for days to weeks to months after getting in such a crash. I told my parents about this and my mom just said no but my dad knew what was going through my head and I ended up on the road again the next day, surprising my relatives and friends all at once.

I find looking forward will help very much in forgetting anything bad that’s happened in your past and keep you successful in life, if you every look back and start regretting anything, that’s basically letting your past hold you back and causing you to lag behind. What’s already happened has happened, it’s in the past and there’s nothing you can do about it now. The only thing that you can affect at any point of life is your present and future. Always look forward.  – ckNatural memory enhancer