Benefits of Crab Soup as high Fever Antidote

Posted on November 25, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

During the modern medical world scientists failed to find effective drugs or vaccines against dengue virus. This caused many victims and there are also the dead from the attack of dengue. One reason for the lack of awareness of the symptoms (simptoms) the initial attack of dengue causes some people to seek treatment in hospital later.

However, since the discovery of nearly two years ago regarding the proper antidote against dengue fever opened the eyes of the scientists nor the researchers have to make in-depth study on the nutritional crab be used as an antidote against dengue.

A brief study found crabs contains a high protein, which can help the reconstruction of blood platelets that is lost due to dengue virus. This is because patients with dengue fever will experience a decrease in platelet syndrome is evident in a few days after being infected with the virus and the dengue cases, platelets may be due to the minimal level, is ultimately fatal to the patient.

Crab soup intake will cause a sharp increase patient platelets and thus cure them with a very fast rate. The effectiveness of treatment with a therapeutic oral crabs (cooked as a soup alone) is amazing because of dengue fever patients who drink and eat (fill in and gravy), a large bowl, crab soup (500ml to 1 liter) will experience a sharp increase in the rate of platelet in the relatively short, ie only between 5 to 8 hours and the patient will recover 99.9% in the period.
Crab is best for this purpose is a shell crabs palm blackish and orange at the bottom of his stomach. However, other types of edible crabs are also beneficial for this purpose.

In fact, the recovery is faster than current treatments received by patients in hospitals because patients do not have a fever after eating multivite or magnesium pill for the recovery of energy and stamina, also do not have to take 2-3 weeks to return to normal power. Also most interesting when a patient with dengue early simptoms not need to go to hospital if they take the crab soup immediately realize the signs of attack of dengue.To date the observation was found to be less than 20 people contact that has been attacked by dengue has fully recovered within 5 to 8 hours after eating crab soup. Even my own experience is also very impressive in which I have recovered 100% in 7 or 8 hours only when attacked by dengue fever in May 2016.

Based on recovery rates of dengue fever patients who take crab soup is almost 100%, then I think that it is not a “coincidence”, but also is a sure thing that the crab is the most potent antidote to treat dengue.Natural memory enhancer