Benefits of lime water

Posted on February 18, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Unless you have a serious vitamin C deficiency or are genuinely dehydrated, there are no benefits that can be measured.

Antone who says (for instance) ‘It’s really good for your immune system’ needs to be able to point to a research article in a well regarded specialist international journal in which it’s shown experimentally that lime water improves immune system function in some way. Otherwise, the person has no evidence for their claim. The same goes for any other aspect of health.

A link to a website or a magazine article is not evidence of anything. Nor is personal experience. ‘I feel so much better since I started drinking lime water every day’ isn’t evidence, either. We’re all prone to placebo effects – persuading ourselves that something is helping us when it isn’t.

Lime water contributes some vitamin C and some water. These are good things. But individual foods and drinks don’t matter so much – what matters is overall diet. – Maliq Ag

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