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wheat rava idlis
One of the easiest ways to prepare healthy idlis at a moments notice when you have not soaked the dals for regular idlis.
The beauty of the recipe is there is no soaking and fermentation as is normally done for idlis.
So if you feel like having steamed idlis and fast.
Some health facts


Broken wheat is a wheat product made from whole raw wheat kernels which are crushed or cut into smaller pieces. There are a large number of uses for cracked wheat, and the food makes a popular dietary supplement in many cultures. It is made by milling wheat grains coarsely. Wheat is cleaned and husked and then processed to the required size. It is highly nutritious as it does not undergo refining.

A similar product, bulgur wheat, is also made by cracking wheat kernels. Bulgur, however, is made from wheat kernels which are steamed and toasted before cracking, so that they develop a rich, nutty flavor. Bulgur also requires minimal cooking, since it is already partially cooked. Cracked wheat, on the other hand, uses whole raw wheat grains. When the broken wheat is cooked, it has a very hearty, warm aroma and a grainy, delightful taste. It is slightly nutty and chewy. Broken wheat may be ground into coarse grains .

Health benefits:

  • Because broken wheat is made from whole wheat berries, it carries a great deal of nutrition and fiber since it includes the fiber and nutrient rich outer bran and germ of the wheat. For this reason, it is often added to healthy diets, especially those eaten by people who are concerned about heart health
  • It is also a good source of iron, magnesium and phosphorus.
  • Broken wheat is more nutritious than rice, because it contains more fiber, more vitamins and minerals, and has a better glycemic index than white rice or refined flour.

Cooked broken wheat (dalia)

To cook broken wheat, first clean and wash them well with water. Drain using a thin strainer and then soak them in water for 20-30 minutes. In a deep pan, add the soaked broken wheat along with the water and salt and add more water till it covers the broken wheat well. Boil on a medium flame and simmer, stirring in between till the broken wheat turns soft and is cooked well. Drain the excess water( if present) and use as required.

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