Bubur cha cha – a delicious dessert

Posted on March 22, 2018 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Also known as ‘bubur cha-cha’ (????), this thick coconut milk asian dessert is sweet and hearty.

Looking at a bowl of colourful dessert like ‘bo bo (bubur) cha cha’ makes me feel just so delighted! Basically, this dessert is made up of sweet potatoes and taro which are then cooked in coconut milk. As it is one of the more famous ‘Nyonya/Peranakan’ desserts, it can be found in many ‘peranakan’ restaurants or even dessert stalls. This delicacy can be served warm or chilled.

The preparation for ‘Bo bo cha cha’ is rather simple. The only daunting step is to prepare the tapioca jellies. They look really pretty, like stained glass. Many commented¬†that these tapioca jellies did not turn out too well. The trick to preparing the jellies is to use really hot water.

The water has to be boiling hot! As for cooking the sago, do ensure enough of water is used to prevent them from sticking together. The ratio of water to sago should be 3:1. Keep stirring the sago as you cook them.

Banana slices add an extra punch to this dessert. This is however optional. Some prefer to keep this dessert as simple as possible with just some taro and sweet potatoes. However, it is no harm being more creative. You will love the result! -nyonyacooking.com

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