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Cherish – to keep hopes, memories, or ideas in your mind because they are important to you and bring you pleasure

This is what the dictionary says. Cherishing is an emotion beyond the limits of words and is about something you really hold dear to your heart.

I cherish my ability to be able to wake up every single day with every organ working just fine and bestowed with all that comes under the definition of basic necessities… I cherish the fact that I have loving parents who understand the importance of education and encourage me to follow my own path… I cherish the few yet amazing good friends who perhaps might change over time but in this phase are there for me when I need them… I cherish the power of expression I find when I write and the power of comprehension when I read.. The mess food in my hostel which I be grumpy about is also something I will someday cherish because of the memories it brings… I cherish the beautiful campus I am privileged to be a part of in an National Institute of Technology.. I cherish the amazing authors whose books I could read and find an entirely new world to explore…

You might just think the question was about the one thing I cherish the most but here I gave you a paragraph (which still is not exhaustive..) Because all of it is a part of the one thing I cherish the most…

Anyway, I  wish summarize my frank answers:

  1. Learning to be independent in every aspect of life! This makes me feel fulfilled.
  2. Yearning each day to Stand in my own feet both financially and emotionally.
  3. Want to see my parents cherished on looking at my success.
  4. Want to buy all Beauty products that I desire.
  5. Want to build a powerful character and personality that inspires everyone around me.
  6. Building a strong mind and maintaining a down to earth attitude with everyone.Equal importance to every individual.
  7. Want to help others how I want them to help me. I’m trying this everyday!
  8. I wanted to be a part of the world where I can be in a strong relationships with people of my kind as much as possible.The like-minded people flock together.
  9. To be right at all times.
  10. To think out of the box and bold enough to question the crooks.
  11. I just want to be a woman who when walks the entire room starres at her telling “wow…what a woman!!
  12. And there are so much more yet to desire for…walking towards my dream each day makes me cherish and live life from the fullness of heart.

I Cherish My privilege to be alive this very moment the most.. – mk

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