Children Poems – Teaching Children to Write Poetry

Posted on June 30, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

Children Poems - Teaching Children to Write PoetryThere are a lot of Children Poems available both in bookstores in books of poetry and over the Internet.  The classic children’s poetry has stood the test of time, and are beloved by parents and children the world over.  Some writers, like Shel Silverstein and the old reliable Dr. Seuss, have entertained and delighted the last several generations of children.  Parents know there poems are great for children because they are fun, the words are easy to learn, and many of them teach some type of moral value.  There are poems that are just funny and great for a bout of the giggles, and other poems that make children think about life and the world around them.

Teaching Children to Write Poetry

One of the great ways that parents and teachers can help children with their reading skills is to teach them to write their own poetry.  They learn rhythm and beats with the poetry and they learn words that rhyme.  Some of the best ones for kids to start with are nursery rhymes because they have the easiest patterns and beats to follow.  Because poetry can be funny, kids can really have a great time creating their own poetry; just like Dr. Seuss, they can even make up their own words to fit into the poem.  Teach them that they can get ideas to write their own Children Poems by all the things around them – good or bad, annoying or entertaining.

They can write a poem about the dog they love so much, or even a poem about how much they hate to clean their room – poetry doesn’t always have to be about things people love to do, they can be about learning to tie a shoe, a bird that’s blue, or what it’s like to have the flu.  They can be about people that they really like, why they love their big red bike, when the learned to fly a kite, or when the monsters appear at night.  It doesn’t matter what they write, just as long as they give it a try.  Rhymes and cadences can be fun when they experiment with the words and just run off with a theme.

Another great way to get kids to write Children Poems is by listening to music – after all music is generally poetry set to a tune.  Once they realize that they can write their poems and it becomes the lyrics of a song, they can begin sing their poems, and who knows they may even create a song that will be a hit some day!

Benefits of Poetry

One of the great benefits of Children Poems is that they can learn so much from poetry.  They learn about figures of speech that includes metaphors and similes.  They learn about antonyms and synonyms and homonyms, and alliterations.  Poetry encourages people to write about what they are feeling and thinking and gives them the ability to explore their emotions that include the entire range from pure joy to the epitome of frustration and everything in between.    Poetry teaches them about creative writing that can even turn into a career at some point in their life whether it’s just putting pen to paper or adding tunes to the poetry, they work on their creative skills and have fun while they are doing it.

Sagas and Epics

Once the children have learned about Children Poems, they can progress on to the longer poems that are the long ago sagas and epic tales of other worlds and ancient lands.  These poems whisk them away to lands of the Lilliputians from “Gulliver’s travels” to two of the greatest of Greek poetry, “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” with their great tales of Odysseus and the Trojan War.  They learn about oral traditions and why poetry made it so much easier to learn and remember all these great tales of primeval times and incredible adventures.

When children learn to appreciate Children Poems at an early age, they can enjoy a wider variety of poetry and actually enjoy the narratives of the old legends and even be inspired to start writing their own tales.

Getting a Great Start

As children start out reading Children Poems and enjoying the fun from the rhyming and rhythms of the poems, they will find poetry tells some of the greatest stories ever told.  Throughout their lives, they will remember the poems that started their love of poetry from “Green Eggs and Ham” to Shel Silverstein’s “The Loser” and develop a love for the funny side of poetry and enjoy the adventures.


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