The Courier And Parcel Service

Posted on June 24, 2018 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Current business establishments have demanded the need for a faster and reliable delivery of important documents and parcel. However, they may differ in many ways, for example frequent demand and size of shipments. To compete in the global market, courier companies provide to all their customers the most trustworthy and professional solutions in distribution and logistics.

To better enhance their customer’s satisfaction, Courier companies has created value for their shareholders and sharing responsibility for their world. To provide real update system that track customers shipment, united parcel service for example has implemented advanced courier systems that keep tracking the shipment for long distance (around 500,000 miles) as well as satellite tracking that tracks thousands of packages in daily basis day and connect roughly 1.300  courier service distribution plants in 46 different nations.

Furthermore, courier companies have focusing on keep benefits for their customers by placing increasing emphasis on the faster service, accuracy and timed delivery together with some ability to their customers to track packages. Responding to their customers needs, a parcel service company has recently adapted new technology namely; Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD), (a custom-built electronic data collector). By adapting this new technology, courier and parcel service companies have are currently capture both delivery information and customers’ signatures. This data then entered into the DIAD and transmitted over the cellular network through telephones. DIAD system that has recently implemented provides the following benefits for the customers of courier and parcel service companies:

Direct access to customers delivery information (more than five million for parcel service packages daily).

Customers can track their shipment by phone mobile; customer shipments can be given real-time information on delivery status.

A high degree of reliability as a result of the service’s redundancies and backup systems.

The customer services at courier and parcel service companies always provides customers with all information that they need, exactly time about shipment arrives and who has received it is the most important information customers want to know. With many advance technologies adapted, courier and parcel service companies offers truly superlative service, both to merchants and to their customers, and can deliver to any part of the world. To better satisfy customers, courier and parcel service companies focus on certainty, safety and punctuality. Courier and parcel service companies always focus on satisfying our customers in term of politeness and manners of our staff.

Furthermore, to provide benefits to its customers, courier and parcel service companies have committed to environmental improvements in all of its express packaging – paperboard and plastic envelopes, and corrugated boxes and tubes. Most notably, courier and parcel service companies have removed all fiber from its packages and significantly increased the recycled material content that does not harm the environment ( Courier and parcel service companies understand the customers demand of less environment pollutions materials, the new improvements has made by couriers firms while maintaining or improving cost-competitiveness, customer friendliness, aesthetic attributes and functionality. We can say that courier and parcel service companies improved packaging has significantly lower environmental impacts, consuming fewer raw materials, water and energy during manufacturing, emitting less water and air pollution, and generating less solid waste, both in production and disposal after use.

Courier and parcel service companies understand that their customers differ in their demand. For targeted customers, including lawyers, mortgage brokers, and environmentally driven purchasers, the reusable envelope offers specific business benefits by facilitating document returns. This expanded service option of being able to use the just-received package as the return package has already enabled Courier and parcel service companies to capture new corporate accounts and attract new business from its competitors. Additional market gains are likely from packaging that has redesigned with the customer’s needs in mind, resulting in the introduction of several innovative changes that promote ease of use and enhanced functionality. These customer benefits can increase brand loyalty. The environmental leadership of courier and parcel service companies can support their overall brand equity and reputation with customers.

Finally, one key benefit that courier and parcel service companies provide to their customers is the easy accessibility and use of their web-page. Courier and parcel service companies have taken the advantage to launch online services and applications before any of its competitors have. The Internet has enabled these firms to offer more services and do business directly with a greater number of customers. The website of courier firms also lets customers to check shipping rates worldwide and verify proof of delivery. -mkNatural memory enhancer