Daily Exercise is important to good health

Posted on December 16, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Exercise means, the daily practice of doing some physical work. Exercise is the key to good health and fresh mind.  The daily practice of some physical work does not mean to take stress on body, but it is actually the stress relieving activity. A good health is obligatory for doing a good work. A famous quote is

“A sound body has a sound mind”

It means that if a person is weak, dull, and sick, he is not able to do his work efficiently and quickly. It is very important to have a fresh mind before any work, like office work, study or some creative work. The people who make exercise as essential part of their routine are more happy and efficient than others. Exercise does not mean to go to gym or some club for daily activity; it only means to do some physical activity no matter how and where.

Many people chose jogging in the morning which is a excellent way of refreshing mind. Some people use to take sits and stands and make their body active. Another good way of exercise at home is jumping rope, which is equally beneficial for both males and females. If you don’t want to do any of these exercises then still you can do exercise. Just stand in fresh air in the morning and take deep breaths, this will greatly impact your mind.

It is observed that the part of the body which remains inactive for a period of time, it becomes inactive permanently. Our brain works well when it receives continuous and good blood supply, and when we do exercise blood circulation becomes fast and blood is supplied to the brain more efficiently. So when a person keep working all the time by sitting on a chair, his efficiency of work will gradually slow down. If you want to improve your work and want to make your position high in society then make sure that you do some exercise daily, because it is necessary for you, and your health. -ckNatural memory enhancer