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Lots of people want to understand the real term of Dedication.

The quality of being committed to a task or purpose is called DEDICATION… If a person is willing to do something and is doing lots of hard work to complete that work then he/she isDEDICATION-Key-to-success said to be dedicated to that work. The act of binding yourself {intellectually or emotionally} to your task is Dedication.

The word Dedication comes from the Latin word ‘DEDICARE
which means to devote .., if you are devoted to your work then you will never fail in your life. Hence, we can say that dedication means devotion of yourself towards your task.

Did you ever just want to give up on someth
ing or you think why you even started doing it? Did you sometimes get disheartened with your failure and think of dropping that task? But then your soul gives you an extra push to not to give up.It is always dedication that gives you that extra push … And finally you achieve your expected success …

Dedication is when you absolutely love something, doing whatever it takes to keep pursuing your goal. Dedication is having the passion for a certain thing. Dedication is not just being good at something, it is being great. In order to be good at something, you have to be dedicated to it. Dedication leads you to success. Without the dedication to something, you will never succeed.

It is trying the impossible, just so you can be the best. When you are dedicated, you don’t care about the parties, or going out with your friends; you will stay at home on a Saturday night just to practice your form. When you sweat, you don’t care because you know you have done the best you can do.

Everyone has that one thing that they are dedicated to. Whether it is a sport, or an activity, there is one thing you’ve done since you were little.

In the end, dedication shows off. Dedication gets you to where you want to be in life. When you are playing a game,that is where your dedication shows. It proves all the work you have put into your game.

Say that you grew up very poor, only had one parent, and could barely afford to eat. You dreamed of having a family and a house some day, but that would be hard to do coming from the life you’ve had so far. You work hard in school, and earned college scholarships, and went on to getting a great job and buying a house. That takes a lot more effort and work.But if you grew up rich, never worried about money, had private tutors, could afford to go to one of the best colleges, and then got a job in your father’s company. They both achieved their dreams, but the person born into the richer family didn’t really have to put in as much effort as the one who worked his whole life to get there. The one born poor will only know the true meaning of dedication.

The Moral is the person who is dedicated no matter he is born rich or poor, will achieve success …DEDICATION leads to success. -starpersonality.inNatural memory enhancer