Desperate Mother Transforms Daughter’s Pending SPM 2014 Exam Failure to 10 A’s, 1 B in Just 4 Short Months

Posted on October 27, 2015 · Posted in Blog


She didn’t start out this way
There sat Melinda, staring vacantly out the window. Weeks before she’d been my happy, vibrant little girl. That was before her trial exam results were released. She’d fared worse than both she and I expected, sending her mood and her focus spiraling downward.

Neither of us knew what to do
Melinda had always been a bright student, so I was alarmed when her trial exam results showed her failing. She was heartbroken, “Mum, I studied truly well, every day, you know that don’t you mum?”

Of course I knew…
It didn’t matter that she studied everyday, and completed endless written exercises for Add Maths and Physics. Nothing seemed to help her recall the facts and figures she learnt for History, Biology, Moral Science, and Chemistry. Her confidence was disappearing, and the constant look of devastation in her eyes told me that I had to do something fast.

I felt hopeless, so I did what any good mother would do
I left the house, heading straight for the pharmacy. I knew that if I didn’t do something now, she would never perform well on her upcoming SPM 2014 Exam. So I swallowed my pride and asked the pharmacist, “Is there a product my daughter can take to help her remember her studies better, preferably natural?”

What the Pharmacist Said Next Surprise Me
Without hesitation this Pharmacist recommended Memo Plus Gold. When I asked her why it was good enough to give to my daughter she said that it was her favorite product for students who want to sharpen their memory—naturally!

We Started the Pharmacists Recommended Dose
She recommended giving 2 capsules daily, one after breakfast, and one in the evening. I asked her “how much?” It was only “RM63.50 with GST and there are 60 capsules in a box”. She stopped me before I left the pharmacy to share one more piece of advice, “keep giving Memo Plus Gold till she finishes her exam and if possible, continue giving it to her until she graduates”. I just smiled.

Imagine My Surprise When a Week Later, the Same Thing Happened!

A week later, as I attended a motivational seminar for parents and students, the speaker confirmed what the Pharmacist had recommended. You see, he explained, most children are smart and intelligent, and all they are missing from their study regimen is the right proper nourishment, so they remember better. He too agreed that Memo Plus Gold was naturally, the proven choice!

What Happened 2 Weeks Later Was Astonishing
Imagine how excited I started to become when I realized, just 2 short weeks after adding Memo Plus Gold to her studying regimen; Melinda had transformed from frustrated, depressed and saddened, to alert, enthusiastic and energized.

She could readily remember her revisions, and everything she learnt!
Focusing through long class periods became a breeze. She said she could definitely notice a difference on how she felt!

Her Exam Scores Transformed, from Failing Marks to 10 A’s and 1 B!
In just under four months of taking Memo Plus Gold, we experienced a full turn around. Her learning, remember and recall abilities had tremendously improved, soaring through her SPM exam—scoring 10 A’s and 1 B. I felt as proud as a mother could be, and I truly believe Melinda’s marvelous achievement was only possible because she continued to study her heart out, and had the mental support provided by Memo Plus Gold. After seeing this remarkable improvement I plan on following the Pharmacist’s recommendation to continue giving it to her until she graduates.

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