Determining Memory Disorders in Children

Posted on July 22, 2012 ยท Posted in Memo Plus Gold

Memo Plus Gold is a ‘Bacosides Enriched Standardized Extract of Bacopa (Brahmi)’ developed by the Central Drug Research institute of India that is a constituent member of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in India. Apart from addressing issues related to ADHD or ‘attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’ Memo Plus Gold can be beneficially employed to treat several disorders even in adults. The following discussion is designed to help you understand the ADHD syndrome in young children particularly and put in place corrective measures to help your child perform better not just in his/her learning but also benefit from the other beneficial ingredients of Memo Plus Gold.

In their younger age most children exhibit great abilities to absorb knowledge and retain that knowledge in their memory. But, in some instances this inherent ability can be compromised. Many of us fail to take notice of this condition in the early stages and simply assume that the child is slow/weak with his/her learning. But, if you observe the child closely you can notice symptoms like impulsivity, hyperactivity and attention deficiency to a degree that is more severe than other children.

Most children afflicted with ADHD syndrome are likely to forget things frequently, be distracted at the slightest pretext, miss details and frequently switch from one activity to the other. Getting easily bored with a task on hand or exhibit difficulty in focusing on any given task are the other symptoms of ADHD. These children often lose their small belongings like pen/pencil etc., forget their home work and exhibit similar symptoms.

Memo Plus Gold developed by CDRI has distinct advantages over similar products. CDRI has succeeded in enriching the active elements (Bacosides A and B) in Bacopamonniera (Brahmi) and have patented the process. Lumen Marketing, Chennai, India holds the license rights to market the product in different parts of the world. The trade name Memo Plus Gold is used in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, while it is known as Membac and Keenmind in New Zealand and Australia respectively. This value added product for memory enhancement is going places and will soon be available in most other parts of the world.

Apart from treating memory disorder/deficiency in children, Memo Plus Gold has been found effective in addressing issues relating to loss of memory associated with old age. In another article we will be dealing with the other benefits of Memo Plus Gold, the manner in which Memo Plus Gold works within the human metabolism and more.

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