Discipline Methods and Parenting Choices

Posted on January 7, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

The most difficult part of parenting has to be the discipline. You do not want to deny your child anything and you hate saying no. The most important part of parenting is the discipline. Without discipline and the fear of consequences then the children do not learn that there are things they should not do. If they do not learn their boundaries and the right from the wrong then they can get injured or injure someone else. As their guardians it is our responsibility to provide them love, food, shelter, and the knowledge to choose between actions that are right and those that are wrong to do.

Today we know that there are several different parenting styles and there are several different discipline styles. Positive reinforcement seems to be one of the best styles of discipline but there also has to be some negative consequences for negative actions.

Discipline Methods and Parenting ChoicesTime out is one of the discipline measures that most pediatricians and child parenting experts agree on when the child is small. You simply remove the child from what they are doing and have them sit on a couch or in a chair for a determined amount of time. Time outs that are no longer than five minutes in duration are recommended for children under the age of three. Then as they age their length of time in time out can increase. Using time outs are especially good for circumstances where children are arguing or being destructive. By removing them from the situation that is frustrating them you can allow them time to refocus their attention and divert their energy.

Spanking is discouraged by the parenting experts because when you spank a child you simply teach them that you will answer violent actions with more violence. A time out and a discussion over why they did the things they did are much more effective in the long run.

Teaching your children through positive reinforcement is one of the most frequently praised parenting styles. When the child does something that you think is good then you reward them with something they like. If they keep their room picked up in the way you expect then you might reward them with a trip to the arcade or the movies.

Parenting by example is another well praised style. Parents that do this live the way they expect their children to live rather than doing one thing and expecting the child to do something else. A lot of parents do things like text and drive yet they tell their teenage children they are not allowed to do this and that it is dangerous. If you want your child not to smoke then you need to not smoke in front of them. Lead by example and be a positive role model.

Grounding older children is the most frequent discipline measure used by most people who are parenting young adults. The act of grounding is a lot like the time out that you used when the child was younger except now you are giving them time away from the things they want to do and the people they want to see. You will not allow them to use the telephone during periods of grounding or go to their friend’s houses.

Make sure that the punishment you choose when parenting fits the crime that the child has committed. In other words do not punish severely for every minor infraction. You have to consider the motives behind what they did and whether you are dealing with a first offense or a repeat offender.

You want most of all to be constant with your disciplinary actions. If coming in late gets you grounded for two days one time then you are going to have to make that the punishment every time they commit that offense. If after a few times the punishment does not stop the action then you have to talk to the child and explain that you are making the punishment go up and that you will not reduce the punishment once you have raised it.

When they are grounded you cannot give in and allow them to do things because it is a special occasion. If they have messed up and are grounded through their birthday then they will think twice before they repeat the offense.

Resource Box: Parenting means you enjoy all the cute and funny things your child does and you also take responsibility to teach them when they do something wrong. Parenting is not always fun and games nor is it always easy.

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