Drinking ‘kopi o kosong’ is good for health

Posted on February 24, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Drinking black coffee without sugar or kopi o kosong can be beneficial for health.

Nephrologist and physician Dr Roger Tan said in the past coffee was wrongly blamed for health problems.

“Experts have been claiming that coffee is bad for health. In fact, I like to defy that claim because coffee itself has little or no effect to the kidneys,” he said in an interview.

He said there is truth to claims that coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes, is useful in fighting free radicals in the body and even helps to improve memory.

However, he said drinking coffee with creamer and sugar added is where the problem lies.

“Especially with hectic urban life that requires us to do everything at speed, coffee mix has taken over the role and it is a huge role that many may not be able to start their day without.

“Ready-made with creamer and sugar if taken in the long run could be very dreadful to health because the amount of these ingredients is beyond our body’s need. Not only would it burden the kidneys, the content will cause high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc,” he explained.

Cardiologist and physician Dr Jeremy Chow pointed out that those with arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythm should cut down on or cut out coffee from their diet.

“Arrhythmia is where one experiences shaky hands and nervousness due to an abnormal heart beat. If this condition becomes serious after consuming caffeine-based beverages, it is actually your body telling you that something is not right and that you better stop completely,” he said.

“Coffee is a type of stimulant. It could affect the body pulses and give an ‘electrifying’ effect to both brain and heart.

That is why it keeps people awake. There are people who consume three to four cups of coffee without much problem, whilst there are people with other effects. All in all, the pros and cons of coffee really depends on individuals.”-theborneopost.comNatural memory enhancer