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Education is one of the important assets that an individual should have. With education, an individual is assured of good future. One can find a good job and better career opportunity in life. Education also make an individual become a more refined member of a society. It is important to prepare for education for one’s future. Taking education outside one’s country have several advantages such as one can choose a better school, it also prepare an individual to be independent while in other country, and more importantly is that one can acquire academic knowledge but also obtain cultural exchanges with another country.
Choosing a good school to study is very important for an individual. It is true than in one country there maybe a school that offer your chosen course or career but if one has a opportunity to go to a much better school I think one should to it. A better school will carry a good credential once one finish his studies. A good credential from a well known school or reputable school has advantages in landing for a better job than a student who just graduated in a small college or unknown university. This is especially true if one is applying for international job. Employers often ask your school because they are looking for graduates from good school.

Becoming independent is also important for an individual student wanting to study abroad. Knowing oneself is one of the important task than an individual must know. Often it is the most difficult. Facing different obstacles of being alone in a foreign country will develop innovativeness of an individual. One will learn to adopt to difficulties and how to cope with those difficulties which has an effect on his future as one goes thru the real world in society. One has to encounter many problems and obstacles in life and with the learning one has acquired in being an independent in being alone in another country he will be able to cope more easily than other. His learning has made him more prepared in the many different situation in life.

For student looking forward for living and working abroad or in another country, the cultural experience one has gained from another country will put him in an advantage. Learning does not only limited to books and lectures. It also involves cultural and societal adaptation like language and certain cultural practices. Language is very important because it is the only way where one can explain or share his/her idea to others, and to understand other people. This kind of experience gained from studying in other country is truly very educational and enriching for an individual.

Truly education is an important part of ones life. With this one will be assured of a better future. Success in life especially in career will greatly depend on what kind of educational background one has acquired. It should be kept in mind that in real world – that is outside the confine of the school and our home – there are factors are beyond one’s control especially in career. One would greatly have a great advantage if he has obtained a good education from good school.

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