Posted on May 3, 2021 · Posted in Blog, General, Memo Plus Gold, Personal

Ego is normally treated as something negative, something which is not good, something which we should not have. People will always be ready to explain how ego can hurt you. Ego is generally considered the opposite of humility. As humility is good, ego must be bad.

So, what is this thing called the Ego? Ego literally means a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-worth. Now that does not feel like something bad. Self-esteem means taking pride in yourself. By this logic, a healthy ego should be a must for everybody, but then why does everybody seem to be having so much contempt for ego.

Doing anything new, like starting a business, or going against the norm, is directly proportional to how confident you are of yourselves and your abilities. Any of these activities is a proof of a presence of ego. But is there anything wrong in this? For us, it makes us work harder and smarter to compete and prove the naysayers wrong, and it feels damn good when that happens.

While one can say that ego as mentioned above lead to good things, it is also to be remembered that ego is the main reason of over-confidence and arrogance. As long as you are in control of your ego, it will work for you. But as soon as your ego starts controlling you, it will hurt you. When ego controls you, it can make the truth look false and the false look true. In television debates, you can see ego controlling people as the focus shifts on their individualities rather than the topic of the debate.

When you are overwhelmed by your ego, you will say words you will regret, take actions you will repent later on, and hurt the people you love most. Your inflated ego can also make people loose trust and respect for you. It might get so bad that people roll their eyes when you enter a room. And if we think, we can all recall such people in our lives. A big ego only does one thing. It makes a big FOOL out of you. And most of us would not even be aware of it when that happens.

So where is this leading? The ego is both good and bad, in different ways. As human beings, we all have egos. It is very much a part of our existence. But what matters is how we handle it? You can say it is a tool, which we can use to your advantage, but if it goes out of control, it will come back and hurt us. We have always believed that too much of anything is bad, and ego also falls in that generalization.

So, what should we do, as human beings? How do we know how much is enough, or where to draw the line? We should always stand true to our convictions, but also be willing to listen to others and consider that we might be wrong. If you find reason in someone else’s argument, it is only wise to change your viewpoint rather than taking pride in shoving your point down someone else’s throat. Ego is good when you state your point strongly, but bad when you are not even open to views and opinions from the opposite side.

Every human has a right to his ego, but should never let himself become an object of that same ego.

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