Why everyone should learn to cook

Posted on November 22, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Everyone should learn how to cook because they need the skills for their future. Learning how cook is very useful; people can’t rely on junk food for the rest of their lives. People having too much junk food can cause cholesterol and lead to death.

Although learning how to cook can be messy but it could be fun you get to spend time with your parents and learn new skills in cooking. Having the knowledge too cook is very helpful you know what you put in your meals and not worrying what stuff or chemicals that people put in when you go out and buy food.

There are many ways you can learn how to cook you can go on the internet and search up easy recipes to follow for starters, other ways people can learn how to cook is by watching TV programs such as Master ChefMy Kitchen Rules or Jamie Oliver’s Five Minutes Meals.

Learning how to cook can be frustrating at times but there’re a positive side on learning how to cook you get to listen to music or to the radio when you’re in the kitchen. I think learning how to cook is a perfect skill to have and a very fun activity to do — croxton.vic.edu.auNatural memory enhancer